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Well, he doesn't cost your opponent a card to off him and you don't really want to be leaving mana open since you're playing red... but he can still be strong.

Besides, by the looks of it, he pummels opponents into submission with big slabs of meat. Know fear.
Posted By: Kirbster (12/3/2010 6:06:22 PM)


Combined with any card that gives your creatures haste, and this thing could be a really nice hit. Colorless makes him playable in mixed decks, particularly if your opponent isn't expecting it.

Wacky, but definitely playable.

Posted By: Gaussgoat (2/16/2010 8:48:53 AM)


Good in team battles. Get everyone to pitch in to feed the ogre.
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (10/31/2010 7:30:48 PM)


"Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself. ... wait a minute ... WHY WON'T YOU DIE???"
Posted By: Salient (12/16/2011 1:46:42 AM)


Failing ogre. Agree though that it could be fun.
Posted By: Qazior (2/8/2010 1:29:28 AM)


This looks like alot of fun, but of course, should it go down against a deck with 3 spare mana, it will die.
Posted By: Spideredd (8/29/2009 2:25:57 PM)


This, Portal 2 Bee Sting, Coils of the Medusa, Dragon Mask, Flint Golem, Hickory Woodlot, Look at Me, I'm the DCI, Meng Huo's Horde, Nalathni Dragon, Ruby Leech, Stasis and Verduran Emissary are cards that were the only card by its illustrator, that I know. Are there any other?

This doesn't cost the opponent a card to destroy, but it costs mana eg. a turn. Of course only if you put this down when your opponent is tapped out.
Posted By: tavaritz (5/17/2012 5:23:01 AM)


No, it doesn't cost your opponent a card to kill it. However, the mana it costs (at least 3) sets them back just as if they had played a card, and they get nothing else out of it. And then of course you might just pay the extra mana and save it. In practice the 'Flailing' creatures operate in a similar manner to Glittering Lion/ Glittering Lynx or Knight of the Holy Nimbus: you opponent has a way to kill it, but the exact timing of when they try is something you can play with, like leaving mana open for a counterspell.

Also, I think all of these could be fun with Mana Echoes and changelings.
Posted By: Ideatog (6/3/2012 11:57:42 PM)


This seems tricky to use. If you spend 2Red to get him out on the 3rd turn, its like your handing your opponent a free murder for 3. But if you can get him out turn 2 with some kind of mana dork, then he should be good to go. Just got to leave mana untapped and do some calculations each turn.

Gets weaker in multiplayer I think, but as someone else mentioned can combine with haste for an efficient swing and cripple 3 mana next turn.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (12/7/2012 9:57:21 AM)


The worst of the three. Flailing soldier is actually somewhat difficult to get rid of because he's above the mana curve and he puts pressure on your opponent (as well as a lot of damage.) This guy being at the curve makes it much easier to counter.

T1 you drop the soldier, T1 they can't kill it. If you go second, instead it's T1 you drop it, T2 they don't do anything and kill it (potentially at least.)

This guy is instead:
T3 you drop him, t3 or t4 your opponent can kill him without using a card. This is the issue with their difference.

Either way, I run a flailing deck with urza lands and everflowing chalice. Surprisingly, even with those high mana outputs the deck is somewhat difficult to get going lol
Posted By: blurrymadness (4/16/2013 8:47:15 AM)


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