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Posted By: Kirbster (8/13/2010 10:58:17 AM)


You know how you have that deck with all the Call to Heels and Act of Treasons and Mark of Mutinys and Bazaar Traders?

Why wait for the opponent to cast their big creatures for you to steal, when you can let them put them right into play for them?

Ironically, that deck could also use Hunted Lammasu to good effect. As well as Braids, Conjurer Adept and Hypergenesis. Also fun to include cards like Backlash. There, I've covered all five colors.
Posted By: BegleOne (6/7/2011 4:08:20 PM)


It's pretty much certainly a reference to the early computer game "Hunt the Wumpus", although if the flavor of the triggered ability is in some way related to this video game, i don't see it.

Then again on the other hand, a creature using the name "Wumpus" alone is already an effectively certain reference to this game. Yet although it looks pretty heavy, it doesn't have sucker feet in Magic...
Posted By: Mode (2/14/2010 1:28:43 AM)


This card would be epic if you were Emperor in a game of Emperor(spell range of 1). You put it into play your team-members put there creatures into play and your team-mates put in huge creatures FOR FREE.
Posted By: Deathtamoor (5/27/2009 6:40:28 PM)


Wumpuses look awesome!
Posted By: shady-tradesman (10/27/2009 12:34:47 AM)


I'm pretty sure that is a photoshopped elephant
Posted By: Mudbutt_on (1/14/2010 2:20:09 PM)



then Day of Judgement

then LAUGH.
Posted By: FiveEight (6/20/2011 7:58:05 PM)


Scoutmaster Wumpus, reporting for duty.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (8/21/2012 8:19:52 AM)


Because I found it interesting posted on the eighth edition card...

"Surprised no one else has mentioned the reference, so...

"Hunt the Wumpus" is an early computer game first released in text-based form in 1972. The first version with graphics debuted in 1980. The object of the game is, not surprisingly, to shoot the Wumpus as you chase it through a grid of rooms.

Posted By: steinburger1109 (3/25/2013 4:33:56 PM)


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