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People seem to be trying to find the easiest way to follow Monkey Cage up with a fattie. But why settle for one? The sacrifice is triggered when a creature comes into play - so do a bunch at once and each one will trigger the cage. If you can drop Twilight's Call with a Monkey Cage out, you could find yourself with 50-odd Ape tokens.

Welcome to the Monkey House, indeed.
Posted By: Kirbster (2/22/2011 6:05:57 PM)


I never realised you could use Twilight's Call-esque cards to get loads of tokens, now you just need to mill yourself, and use discard stuff, and Buried Alive type stuff to get your Dracos, Autochthon Wurms,
Emrakuls and all that jam. And of course, Doubling Season can combo wih EVERYTHING, so you can obviously use that as well. And if you're using that then Door of Destinies would be more savage than Coat of Arms.

Yeah that's quite a lot of stuff, but casual decks rule, and if you do end up getting at least a hundread apes which are at least 200/200, then it's worth the effort.
Posted By: Homarid-Batman (8/4/2011 8:53:08 AM)


Use in EDH. You'll be getting three Monkeys, minimum.

@Gabriel442: It triggers off of CMC, not power or toughness. If that 1/1 was a Scornful Egoist... Anyway, the Gargadon is more powerful this way, too. MAMMOTH MONKEY ARMY
Posted By: Fanaticmogg (3/5/2012 5:28:56 PM)


Pretty absurd when you Warp World or Genesis Wave into it.
Posted By: raptorjesus69 (10/9/2012 7:46:02 PM)


*cough* Craterhoof Behemoth *cough*
Posted By: Low_Key49 (1/25/2013 4:38:48 PM)


Shove this Bad Boy in an affinity deck.
Posted By: ZombieKing193 (10/1/2013 9:22:15 PM)


@nibelheim velesti; yep, the triggers "sacrifice" and "put into play" don't depend on one another.
So creatures with flash like Pestermite can be played in response to your opponents creatures to decent effect.
@nammertime; yeah, you can use 20 mana to banefire someone for 19, or you can cast this and emrakul then swing with your monkeys. One way just has more style.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (6/26/2010 6:29:57 PM)


heh. I am surprised that this card isn't in one of the un-sets.
Posted By: iSlapTrees (3/28/2011 2:32:21 PM)


Okay, so this is my favorite magic card ever. It is a nice combat trick as a response to any creature played, as it will almost always result in advantage. When you build a combo deck around it the look on you opponent's face when you swing for the win with, say, 11 2/2 Ape (I call them Monkey) tokens is great. Give them all flying and wallow in the cinematic reference.
Posted By: DrWorm (11/11/2008 7:47:51 PM)


You can get pretty good use out of it if you're cheating fatties into play via something like an Elvish Piper or a Dragon Arch.

Maybe something like a turn 1 Llanowar Elf into a turn two Fierce Empath to tutor up a Draco. Turn 3 Elvish Piper, turn 4 whatever, turn 5 Monkey Cage, then wait for the fun surprise factor. Hopefully your opponent will put out some cheap critter to pop your cage, & in response you activate your Piper, bringing Draco into play and netting a cool 16 monkeys. Turn 6, swing for the win. . . after casting a Coat of Arms of course.

Obviously that requires a perfect draw and not missing a land drop. Still, seems like a fun card in the right sort of deck.

Posted By: EggShen (5/16/2010 11:29:24 PM)