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Dear wizards, please reprint boomerang, I promise not to abuse it.
*Fingers crossed*
Posted By: Tommy9898 (2/23/2010 9:08:21 PM)


Git. Offen. Mah. Lawn.
Posted By: http404error (5/15/2011 9:45:19 PM)


For all those spells you couldn't counter the first time 'round.Isochron Scepter, I'm looking at you.
Posted By: themlsna (6/2/2010 1:33:13 PM)


Nice to use on lands, especially early to mid game. 4/5
Posted By: Hibron (2/21/2010 2:59:31 PM)


The best bounce spell, as it hits EVERYTHING, lands, creatures, even planeswalkers
Posted By: gromgrom777 (9/2/2010 9:17:54 AM)


This card is not only amazing in how it can bounce one and two drops (like the ascension cards), but you can do it on their turn. Before anything can happen, you simply deny it then untap on your turn. Purely amazing
Posted By: benzensulfonic (4/26/2011 9:25:47 AM)


I'm contemplating trading this to a pal o' mine. See, he's got this amazingly fun blue deck that makes it so no one attacks him or whoever he chooses.

Just so you have an idea, he has 3 floods, 2 Somnophores, and 4 Propagandas (pronouced "Proagurdurdur", according to him).

Now I don't know if I should trade him this, since it'll make his deck ever more annoying.

However, he does have a nice Strategy, Schmategy I've been eyeing for a while... maybe he'll part ways with it...
Posted By: Ferlord (3/3/2012 5:09:52 PM)


I'm all for a Shakespeare quote, and this is a great card. 4/5!
Posted By: Weretarrasque (9/25/2009 3:27:49 AM)


Dear Wizards of The Coast,
for god's sake, bring it back.
Nothing in MtG today can worth the face of my oponent when I bounce his very only land in the turn 1. We, azure mages, zephyr mages and Teferi's followers, are already w/o counterspeell.
Please, have mercy, and bring boomerang back.
Posted By: grandpraetor (11/16/2011 3:07:09 PM)


At the end of your opponents turn, use this on your Stasis enchantment, to ensure you get untap phases and your opponent does not.
Posted By: MechaKraken (10/25/2012 3:20:07 AM)


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