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As written, this destroys the card.

Play this with R&D's Secret Lair and start ripping your opponent's deck into pieces.

If you're an ass.

It would also get around shroud, since it's "any card in play" - not targeted!
Posted By: littlebeast (2/1/2011 3:20:02 PM)


Temporal sundering might not kill a Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker , but a swirling mass of wind sure will!
Posted By: Kaizeischi (2/22/2011 10:41:16 PM)


Obviously outclassed by Vindicate in general, but being able to have removal in a monogreen deck is worth a lot.
Posted By: achilleselbow (7/18/2010 10:29:55 AM)


Seeing as (this printing) is only available in Magic Online, you don't have to worry about destroyed pieces of cardboard.
Posted By: keiyakins (7/22/2010 10:02:22 AM)


@scumbling1: Ripping a card to pieces is a way of destroying it, so in reality, if you want to, you could also crush, burn, impale or otherwise completely ruin your opponents' cards instead of ripping it to shreds.
Still, by tearing a card in pieces you are still destroying it, so the game doesn't really distinguish between the two of them except for the way you have to destroy the card.
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (3/27/2011 11:25:36 AM)


Very powerful, flexible removal...but pricey. Now replaced by things like Maelstrom Pulse.
Posted By: Nighthawk42 (9/22/2009 1:46:21 PM)


elf deck.. makes for great spot removal. Ironically improved with the introduction of planeswalkers.
Posted By: ubii (7/5/2010 10:06:28 PM)


Beast Within.
Posted By: AColonyOfAnts (8/9/2011 8:31:00 PM)


Weird to have such direct removal in green, somewhat excusable because of its cmc I suppouse.
Not the best removal out there, but if your playing mono green and you need to have an answer for any permenant I suppouse this could work. Just make sure your using greens mana exceleration to its fullest if you hope to play this when you need it.
Posted By: Silverware (11/29/2009 12:37:29 PM)


A storming desert, with a Taliban insurgent and child running for cover, equals ultimate removal in a color supported by forests?! Awesome.
Posted By: Zoltantf (1/1/2012 12:02:55 PM)