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This card can be huge in legacy decks with the proper new landfall cards
Posted By: guardianbeastbreeder (3/2/2010 6:55:34 PM)


With mono green this is so much better than Exploration for acceleration. Exploration will give you maybe Four lands on turn two so four mana. With Gaea's Touch you have five at worst and if you start with an Elvish Spirit Guide you have at least six mana by turn two (assuming 4 lands in the first 8 cards). You can do even better with a lucky draw since Touch banks mana for you.
Posted By: LeakyBucket (8/30/2010 7:27:41 PM)


This was a common?!

Posted By: Ferlord (2/29/2012 5:48:56 PM)



T1: Forest, Llanowar Elves
T2: Forest, Gaea's Touch, Forest, Nature's Lore for a Forest
T3: Forest (or sac the Touch) Primalcrux

7/7 or 9/9 Trample on T3 usually makes people slightly angry :-) Even better to follow it up next turn with ANOTHER 'crux. Two 13/13 or 15/15s on the board T4. Sure, Exploration could do the same thing, but this card is hands down cheaper to find.
Posted By: endersblade (6/18/2011 10:47:48 AM)


"On turn 3, you can have 6 mana using just this card alone."
I count 5 mana, or 7, depending on whether or not you sacrifice it.
Posted By: kiseki (7/18/2012 5:23:58 PM)


Excellent in enchantress decks; with even a single enchantress or enchantress' presence out, this replaces itself completely while letting you play an extra land that turn (and land tends to build up in your hand in those decks.) With more, it's free card-drawing.
Posted By: Aquillion (5/17/2013 10:52:13 PM)


On turn 3, you can have 6 mana using just this card alone. Wow. Probably best in casual, since exploration is better, but seriously...wow
Posted By: channelblaze (7/18/2010 5:03:29 PM)


A five star card in the right mono green deck. *****
Posted By: donjohnson (1/12/2010 9:32:06 AM)


Being able to sac it for gg is significantly useful if youre running 4 in a deck. You always have something you can do with extra copies, as opposed to it being just like another useless card in your hand like extra copies of sylvan library, etc.
Posted By: gasimakos1 (5/20/2011 8:16:40 PM)


so, is that Gaea then?
Posted By: brunsbr103 (6/6/2010 3:34:26 PM)