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Just saw someone abuse this with Ichorid and the Grave-Troll at a Vintage tournament. It was pretty amazing to see, since I'd never seen the deck work before.
Posted By: Lateralis0ne (6/26/2010 9:42:22 AM)


This card shouldn't be anything less than five stars. Anyone who doesn't understand the power of this card doesn't have to look any further than dredge cards like Golgari Grave-Troll and Stinkweed Imp. This one land (which means it can't be countered) single-handedly enables a dredge deck to mill itself completely in only one or two turns, since you use the two draws to dredge and use the 3 discard to pitch your dredgers back in the grave. With one's entire library in his graveyard, all he has to do is Dread Return something that wins him the game immediately and gg.

Proxy a bazaar dredge deck and see for yourself. You can mulligan down to ONE CARD and still win the game in only two or three turns if that one card is Bazaar of Baghdad.
Posted By: Werewolf- (9/18/2012 9:41:11 AM)


Oracle text simplification ftw
Posted By: RafiqTheMiststalker (4/21/2010 7:35:58 AM)


It's funny that they see so much play these days, I remember when they were listed at $20 and you couldn't trade them for anything, no one wanted them, same with Time Vault, at that time it was errata to something like "You cannot untap Time Vault unless you skip a turn"
Posted By: Pontiac (2/26/2011 6:15:30 AM)


One of the five pillars of vintage.
Posted By: Ihateworking (2/10/2011 2:58:19 PM)


:O, funny how by themselves, some cards look sort unassuming, like this one here, or tendrils of agony.

i mean, its nice to be able to draw, but alone, this card might or might not be worth the possible early mana loss as well as the fact that you can really abuse it in normal decks because it lowers hand size.
Similarly, tendrils is an ok card that is unlikely to do huge amounts of damage in your typical black deck.

but then they get comboed with things like dredge and ad nauseam and things turn completely bonkers.
Posted By: stille_nacht (7/15/2011 7:41:47 AM)


Laboratory Maniac + Bazaar of Baghdad + as many Dredge cards as you can put in a deck should lead to a pretty quick win.
Posted By: Callahan09 (5/31/2013 12:37:41 PM)


Dredge and flashback says hello thanks for the free pseudo-Careful Study!
Posted By: bfellow (3/16/2012 1:47:52 PM)


Took them a long time to say discard three cards
Posted By: Gahoojin (4/17/2011 6:54:59 PM)


This card is really strange and bazaar.


It's also a really good card!

Posted By: OlvynChuru (4/21/2014 8:39:15 AM)


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