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Anxiously awaiting satyr tribal.

Also, @achilles: Planeswalkers are not legendary permanents of any kind.
Posted By: ROBRAM89 (4/12/2011 9:40:47 AM)


EDH it up with this guy, though he is a bit costly (small body).
Posted By: nammertime (1/7/2010 12:20:39 PM)


If only there were a format where legendary creatures were commonly played -- and sometimes integral to -- the players' decks...
Posted By: scumbling1 (6/28/2011 5:12:40 PM)


Small body, but could be protected with several enchantments from Asceticism to Diplomatic Immunity.
Posted By: jfre81 (10/6/2011 12:45:24 AM)


Let's hope Satyrs are making a comeback in Theros!
Posted By: NARFNra (7/26/2013 4:46:34 AM)


One of the few creatures that could be reprinted in Theros and make sense still. UNless its on the reserved list or something.
Posted By: Rancid_Raptor (9/6/2013 2:26:11 PM)


@Kal_Sunchaser: No. The original Greek legends don't treat Satyrs as Faerie, and most Fantasy fiction treats them as non-faerie creatures. More importantly, they are not anything like what Magic has defined Faerie as - small (Satyrs are human-sized), winged (do you see wings?), flying (no flying) creatures.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (3/7/2010 3:25:28 AM)


@A3Kitsune: That's not true, old world faeries could be small in stature or human sized and included several various types of fae and sometimes even included goblins and demons. The fae don't always fly either, and most certainly never REQUIRED wings for it (flying by use of magic if need be). The most common belief was that cold iron or certain herbs kept the magical beings from kidnapping children (or old people). Your reference to faeries is not old world but in fact victorian era beliefs in the fae being diminutive in stature and having wings. Satyrs can easily be considered faerie in the sense that sometimes the definition of faerie included beings that were demons, angels, or any type of magical being.
Posted By: The_Albino_Raven (7/1/2011 3:19:07 PM)


WHAT!!! You mean I can can't keep cantrol of someone else's Legendary creature after the game ends? What good is this card if i can't use it take other ppls cards for realz?
Posted By: Phire_Guide (9/20/2010 9:43:19 PM)


Um, how did this creature not get classified as a faerie? I mean, seriously? In most other subjects of this genra, like RPGs, consider satyrs to be a "type" of Faerie. Wouldn't that be more appropriate then it's own creature type? There is only one other Satyr in the game, and it's a "Satyr Beast" (Lumbering Satyr); as weird as it is, it may as well be a "Faerie Beast"; it wouldn't be any stranger like that.
Posted By: Kal_Sunchaser (3/5/2010 12:46:20 PM)


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