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So in other words, it's like zombify, except that it's instant speed, costs less mana and works on other players stuff too. But can be played only when a creature is about to die. Hmm...

Might be fun in 2HG or 3HG decks.
Posted By: majinara (10/26/2009 4:23:40 PM)


It's also not like regeneration because it can bring back a different creature from the one that died, if you happen to have a better one in your grave.
Posted By: sonorhC (8/4/2011 8:10:29 PM)


This one would be fun to reprint, IMHO. It's different and has a bunch of potentially fun uses.
Posted By: Radagast (10/13/2010 7:54:26 PM)


Good way to get back your big creatures.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (9/3/2010 2:46:37 AM)


Thank the early Wizards Gods for a fail-safe for my Omnath General in EDH.
Posted By: Ihateworking (10/15/2010 12:39:52 AM)


Style points if you manage to target your opponent's Phage The Untouchable, then kill it off using something like Beast Within when they have an empty graveyard. (When Reincarnation resolves, the only legal target will be Phage in the graveyard & your opponent will lose the game when it returns to the battlefield.)

That said, really good card, use it with stuff you KNOW is going to die like Prized Unicorn or things that you control and can sacrifice, such as Yavimaya Elder and return a beefy creature from your graveyard for {1}{G}{G}...all at instant speed, meaning you can use it as a combat trick.

Opponent: I'll swing with my Baneslayer Angel
You: Before declaring blockers I'll cast Reincarnation and sacrifice my Sakura-Tribe Elder, fetching a basic land annnd...oh why Cloudthresher is in my graveyard, my lucky day...
Posted By: tcollins (4/12/2012 4:02:18 PM)


"I didn't used to be a lion, you know... then I took an arrow to the head."
Posted By: Kirbster (8/2/2013 1:08:28 AM)