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This card is simply incredible.
Posted By: True_Smog (11/18/2009 10:51:39 AM)


... Once again, this proves that there is nothing better than simple cards that are sick and broken.
Posted By: Bursama (12/6/2010 9:05:05 AM)



You make a few good points but also miss a few key points. First, we're going to compare Braingeyser to Sphinx's Revelation:

Braingeyser costs less to cast, which is a plus. This means one more card... which is nice. Sphinx's Revelation is both an instant and gains you life. The lifegain is mostly incidental, but having it cast as an instant in control is so absolutely key that it makes the card what it is. Sphinx's Revelation is amazing because you untap, draw, play your land and pass the turn knowing that if they do something mean you will counter it. If they don't, you gain some life and draw some cards. It allows control to be responsive when it needs to be instead of rolling out the red carpet for the opponent to do whatever they would like to do. A second incidental bonus coming along with being an instant is that you can go above 7 cards in hand from it without worrying abou... (see all)
Posted By: GodWithAShotgun (5/8/2013 3:15:50 AM)


Calling random discard brutal is an understatement, even without mana acceleration this card is 5/5 easy.
Posted By: lilwolf2005 (12/29/2013 8:57:19 PM)


They should reprint this. With no Dark Ritual, Mind Twist is merely broken.
Posted By: Laguz (5/5/2010 9:23:27 PM)


I think "rebonculous" is the only word rebonculous enough to describe the rebonculousness of this card.
Posted By: jetzine (3/9/2010 1:26:32 PM)


this card is rebonculous...
Posted By: talonaris (10/11/2009 11:25:06 PM)


"Rebonculous". Yeah, that's about right :P
Posted By: izzet_guild_mage (6/9/2010 5:55:52 PM)


I can't Believe I just read someone saying Duress is even close to better.... Do you realize that in like 1995 this card dominated so badly that the DCI banned it in Type 1? Yea, Type 1, where you can have all those super awesome cards.... Mind Twist back in 1995 and 1996 was so bad that entire games came down to who got their Mind Twist off first.

The first card the DCI EVER Restricted to one per deck was Time Walk, and at the time, you could still have 4 Ancestral Recalls and so on, and then after a while, they added more cards to it. But Mind Twist flat out Dominated. They actually banned it in Type 1 for a long time because the whole card advantage thing, which today is almost common sense, was nothing more than a theory back then. The first Type 1 Tournament I went to had a lot of Mind Twist, but not very many people really understood cared advantage yet because it was still just a theory back then.

Then, someone realized that trading off ONE card in your deck, for up to 7 ... (see all)
Posted By: SlackWareWolf (4/4/2011 2:46:44 AM)


One of the Best Ever...
Posted By: drycanthra (7/7/2010 2:21:06 PM)


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