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Simply my favorite Walker. I'd love to see some novels on him, rather than that hog Jace.
He gets ALL the attention as far as non-playing notoriety goes :/
Garruk should've been the one to take on the Eldrazi, too. He planeswalks just to kill bears and dragons and sh.it. I mean, COME ON.

He's the greatest. And what a beast!
Posted By: RafiqTheMiststalker (5/7/2010 2:36:56 PM)


Garruk is awesome and competitive. Mana boost or a token? Better token than Elspeth's, so points for Garruk!

Hmmm... I hope you guys don't mind me adding my analysis of the art.

Aleksi Briclot's art style is very refined. the lines are neat and everything is in order, to make the picture crisp and clean.

Terese Nielsen's style is wild and alive with exaggerated lines and shapes. Makes the "feel" dynamic and vibrant.

Since my drawing style is similar to Mr. Briclot's, I prefer his version. However, it is a PREFERENCE. In art there is no absolute, which can be an awkward stance to take, but it counters every argument and is always supportable with a little imagination.

Instead of simply saying "I hate" and "I like", try to elaborate on your opinion, so as not to appear ignorant.

Sorry, if I came over as arrogant or condescending. Just want to help out.

Posted By: thornraven (4/19/2010 8:45:26 PM)


Garruk: "OH GAWD, MY SPINE!"
Posted By: Mafoo (5/28/2010 12:44:01 PM)


I can clearly see his axe and clothing, but without the mask on the artwork he makes a very different impression, as if he was someone related to Garruk instead. Well, but it's quite similar to the promo card's artwork included in Duel of the Planeswalkers game. (I'm still looking forward to see DCI promos on Gatherer)

Anyways, how could you not love a card with mana accel, an Overrun effect already available on the subsequent turn or a bunch of free Beast tokens?
I'm glad his deck makes further use of the second ability, given that it is to a certain degree also a Beast tribal deck.
Posted By: Mode (10/30/2009 11:55:49 AM)


Just because art is not to your taste doesn't mean it's "bad" or "disgusting."
I happen to really enjoy the new artwork for both planeswalkers, and I think it gives them a nice alternative flavor (it's alternate art) - but I'm not big-headed enough to assume that makes them masterpieces. If you don't like the art, then play with the normal cards.
Posted By: Discoduck (11/5/2009 2:38:52 PM)


I like the art, it's a different take on Garruk, and Terese Nielsen's art is always fantastic. I also like the new Vess better than the old art.

But that's my opinion. I'm no art critic. But I'm willing to bet that no one else on here is, either.

Love it or hate, it's here to stay.
Posted By: gongshowninja (2/4/2010 10:21:27 AM)


It's understandable that Garruk would be good against the Eldrazi, but I'm not sure if it fits flavor-wise. Garruk is a hunter, and fighting against the Eldrazi was more of a war than a hunt. Besides, Garruk's fight with Liliana messed him up a lot (just read the comics), and I'm sure he's dealing with his own issues; hopefully a book or a new planeswalker card will illustrate his changes (GB Garruk maybe?)

Garruk is one of my favorite planeswalkers, and I love the art on both cards, though I don't know which version I can say I prefer.
Posted By: sarroth (6/23/2010 9:59:28 AM)


What color is F?
Posted By: MyrBattlecube (3/8/2011 10:52:16 AM)


I like the art, as giving every beast guy a mask has been a popular trend in the last few years, and I could care less if he is wearing it or not since it makes him look a lot like venser when he does wear it. It's sort of an odd stance though, like at an angle, which is fine but just takes a moment to take in. Personally prefer it to the original art, as well liliana's new art.
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (11/24/2009 9:23:32 PM)


STFU with the art... ONE art comment by anyone is enough. Besides, good art for 2010. Old art is okay,
I think this planeswalker is freaking sweet! 4 CMC to cast and he can easily bring in some 3/3 creatures!

@ steelpommel: Terror cannot destroy any planeswalker. Planeswalkers are not creatures. They are allies, however they are permanents and can therefore be destroyed with say Vindicate.
Posted By: AXER (1/30/2010 12:55:25 AM)