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@ nammertime
most of the time i would prefer a 2/2 body and loss of one life to a 0/4 wall.

i like this card. cards are awesome to draw. one of the better cards in the black deck lol
Posted By: bigben013 (1/2/2010 9:04:27 PM)


A useful card in pauper black decks. This and Sign in Blood help keep the cards flowing so you can keep pressure up.
Posted By: Guest467482496 (6/21/2010 5:44:28 PM)


gee, i really wish i had a cheap, self-replacing body to attach this nightmare lash to.

it was illustrated with many arms because it's so good at holding equipment.
Posted By: metalevolence (12/6/2010 7:42:43 PM)


I like it, it's a solid card.
As far as I'm concerned, a card is worth way more than one life.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (1/24/2011 5:08:20 PM)


A card for a life is always fair, and throwing it on a 2/2 body is pretty nice.
Posted By: Elysiume (11/4/2009 2:07:20 PM)


I'd rather use Elvish Visionary because it just combos with elves.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (12/20/2010 12:07:11 PM)


It's a crappy replacement for Wall of Blossoms. That said, I'd still play it.
Posted By: nammertime (12/26/2009 12:30:02 PM)


This card has just been confirmed as a comeback card for Mirrodin Besieged. I personally never liked it. There are better things you can do for 3 mana than get a 2/2 body, draw a card, and lose 1 life. Even in black.
Posted By: WhiteyMcFly (1/12/2011 7:43:03 AM)


@ bigben013: Well, yes, but this also costs one more mana and occurs in a color where card draws are easier to get.
Posted By: RunedServitor (10/30/2012 10:36:09 AM)