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works good with thraximundar
Posted By: froggytherock (4/30/2010 2:14:03 PM)


I think hes a decent card if you have mana floating around that you cant spend like when your waiting for a type of card to come.
Posted By: Ventrisor (3/10/2010 8:00:37 PM)


Cabal Coffers laughs at his ability. He makes a decent late game play in a skeleton deck, if you're weird enough to make one. With some Death Barons and some Bad Moons, or a Coat of Arms... at that point, his 3/3 status becomes a moot point. He's a flying skeleton that at least can, even if it takes a Cabal Coffers or a hell of a lot of mana flood to do so regularly. I run one, but more for flavor than anything else. An interesting card, and a bit underrated, but I can certainly agree that it's expensive by every sense of the word. It does suck that he's easily Lightning Bolted without boosts, but he's pretty fearsome in a tribal setting at least.
Posted By: Zaneshift (9/7/2010 12:28:58 AM)


This card would be awesome in black blue vampires with training grounds and Nirkana Cutthroat. Nirkana Cutthroat is extremely good. I play casual so it might be better for me in that format but I like it, and with training grounds out it's even cheaper to level up. drop in a few Vampire Nighthawks, Gatekeeper of Malakirs, and maybe 2 Captivating Vampires and you got yourself a deck. I think Vampires are great for beginners and are great for more advanced players looking to master a newer, evolving tribal type.
Posted By: EvilCleavage (10/5/2010 12:44:42 PM)


I really like this card, with the Scars block, combine leaden myr (at least two) and myr galvanizer (again, the two galvies minimum) for infinite black mana to pay for infinite bats.

Also, combine that with Teysa, Orzhav Scion and you have a way to make even MORE creatures to block with, or exile what ever you want. Pretty evil if you think about it.
Posted By: Spartan-039 (12/21/2010 8:04:03 AM)


disregarded females don't know 'bout my heartstones
Posted By: Tetsu_tora (4/2/2011 9:35:25 AM)


I run him in my edh deck to lock some dragons :(

interesting interaction I got the blade of the bloodcheif on him well gravepact was in play and I wrecked house.
Posted By: thaviel (6/14/2011 11:32:37 AM)


It's quite underpowered. Five mana for generating a token is outrageous, even for a versatile one like this. Although I guess that, back then while combat damage used the stack, you could do some cool combat tricks with it and Vampire Bats.
And make sure to use Rise from the grave on him, so he becomes a Vampire Skeleton Zombie.
Posted By: Lash_of_Dragonbreath (11/30/2011 8:19:44 PM)


people who are complaining about this card have obviously never played it. A nice inclusion to any black control deck.
Posted By: luca_barelli (12/9/2011 10:08:31 AM)


The sac cost is expensive because when it first came around, you could sacrifice a bat with damage on stack, trading with a creature while you got another one for your trouble. He's aged a bit, yes, but is still a fun card, expensive but versatile.
Posted By: Luke_BPC (1/22/2012 9:03:06 PM)


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