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This card is actually really, really good in draft.
Posted By: T-101 (2/21/2010 10:44:05 PM)


@silverware: The problem Wizards has these days is that most of the core sets are very complex and so it is harder to teach people how to play magic unless they really want to learn. Having sets around that bring the complexity of the game down is good in theory, but when your friends who are established are playing with the complex cards, it defeats the purpose.

Also, these sets were made after Urza's and before Mirrodin, a time where the overall power level of cards was a little lower. With the recent power hike we've had again, of course all those cards look terrible. It's inevitable that the only thing creative developers will think of to field cards people want to play is make everything stronger then their old cards. Look at some of the spoiled cards for Avacyn Restored. There are cards that people use semi-regularly that are about to be replaced by cards that do everything they do plus something else at no additional cost. Does stuff like have to happen....maybe not. But... (see all)
Posted By: The-Earth-Dragon (4/16/2012 4:11:01 AM)


I don't know, this seems oddly amazing in red. Draft or otherwise. It would have no right being common.
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (4/23/2011 4:54:10 AM)


3cmc for a 3/3 that cant block not horrible but definately not good either
Posted By: storm_crow4presidnt (4/23/2010 3:34:34 PM)


I hate how the 1999 Starter set is filled with cards that got their rarity kicked up even though they suck. I hate to say it but it seems like Wotc was just trying to rip off new players.
Posted By: Silverware (12/3/2009 7:38:47 PM)


"the soldiers went around it, so the ogre went around the soldiers attacked their defenseless planeswalker leader!"
Posted By: Burningsickle (11/14/2013 6:29:37 AM)


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