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I like how the oracle basically says they have no text box.
Posted By: JFM2796 (8/18/2011 9:23:48 PM)


All ten have been online for over a year. Now they are just much cheaper. Some people are happy about that, some are not.
Posted By: GainsBanding (2/1/2011 6:16:17 AM)


How can the Trop be rated at only 4 stars?
Posted By: Pontiac (2/26/2011 9:01:51 AM)


I, um, traded this for a Pirate Ship when I was a newbie...

I know. I know.
Posted By: CFLuke (4/11/2014 11:15:11 PM)


So my local hobby shop had a guy come in and sell two of each dual land along with about $7000 dollars worth of other cards. The cashier was freaking out.
Posted By: tokrazy (4/10/2013 9:08:54 PM)


Gatherer and the card can't seem to agree on who illustrated it.
Posted By: scumbling1 (7/13/2011 3:06:44 PM)


Makes you weak to Islandwalk AND Forestwalk AND Non-basic Landwalk
Posted By: Sk8er_Boi_1999 (9/9/2011 7:20:57 PM)


All. Ten Original Duel. Lands. Are. Now. In. Magic. Online.

Now let that statement sink in.

Edit: @scumbling1, that's because the Master Editions use the Alpha printing for the card image. All the other physical printings credit Jesper Myrfors as the artist.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (4/5/2012 8:12:31 AM)



Obviously a fake product. It has this card in the list for the Pirate Deck. Everthing else looked legit (announcing it on April 1st could have been a clever attempt to make it look fake when it wasn't)

But they will never reprint Alpha Duals in a Duel Deck. Just never. if they HAD used those exact lists, then Duel Decks Pirates: VS Ninjas would probably have been the rarest, most expensive, quickest sold out Duel Deck in freaking ever. Actually, the non-creature parts of both lists look amazing. Ironic for a gag product xD
Posted By: DarthParallax (3/10/2012 5:12:04 PM)