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That poor village of Phalluses doesn't stand a chance!
Posted By: drpvfx (2/15/2012 11:10:09 AM)


I use it in a blue/ green deck that turns all my opponent's lands into islands first... Spreading Seas, Aquitect's Will, Carpet of Flowers, Choke, Quicksilver Fountain, Living Tsunami, et cetera.

Turn all my opponents lands into islands, destroy them, win.

If it work's it's no fun at all. If it doesn't work then it's also no fun at all.
Posted By: BegleOne (1/6/2012 8:58:03 PM)


@Drewsel: Actually, jsttu knows exactly what he's talking about. Most casual players don't like to go back to the drawing board with their deck because their friend created a deck specifically to beat theirs. Yes, you can go ahead and make Magic a game of revenge where Player A builds a deck to beat Player B's, so Player B builds their Deck #2 to beat Player A, and then Player A has to build another deck to beat that one... Most people find that the game gets degenerate at that point. I am in this camp; I want to build my deck and be done. I will make some minor changes when I see it has some glaring holes, but I don't want to have to completely revamp it because you built a Silver Bullet deck just to best me. Arms Races do not make for good Magic.

I understand this card. Color hate is part of the color pie. There are just ways of doing it without destroying all of someone's lands. That's no fun. Most of the modern day uses punishes playing a monocolor deck; cards like Tsunami can ser... (see all)
Posted By: sarroth (6/4/2011 9:29:36 PM)


Evil card. This card and others like it such as flashfire or acid rain should never have been made. They aren't good enough for tournaments but when successful they break the game to casual players with known decks. If a friend has a mono white deck it doesn't matter how good it is if they lose all their lands. The great thing about Magic: The Gathering is the almost unlimited possibilities and creativity available. This card limits that. There is a reason you do not see these effects anymore.
Posted By: jsttu (1/31/2011 3:47:36 PM)


Green crush blue! Green KILL Blue!
Or, you know, you could build... a second deck. Then a third! Don't tell people what you're using before you play, and you'll never fall victim to the "hate deck." Even better, you force your friends to actually build good decks to beat you, rather than repeatedly kick you in the weak area between your legs that you boldly and carelessly leave unprotected.
Wrath of God is undercosted removal against aggro decks. Its unfairly strong against a deck that plays lots of creatures and nothing else. What do you do to stop it? Few things will actually work. Counterspells and niche spells like Ghostway and Second Sunrise come to mind. Beating your opponent before he has 4 mana works just as well. Duress? Works to an extent, yes. Winter Orb works too.
You beat Tsunami in your monoblue deck in much the same way, albeit with different tools. You can ... (see all)
Posted By: Kryptnyt (10/5/2011 5:23:41 PM)


Why does this exist
Posted By: myztikrice (5/12/2012 5:13:53 PM)


Mana Leaked.
Posted By: JFM2796 (8/21/2011 10:24:59 PM)


Where would one find Magic to be a game of revenge?!
Posted By: Shadoflaam (10/10/2011 5:40:04 PM)


Mr.jsttu has no clue what he's talking about. If your friend's can come up with a strategy to ruin your deck, than it's guarenteed you can come up with a strategy to counter them. Those poor blue mages and their Counterspell's. Or, if they keep burning all your plains up, destroy all of their stuff back. Remember: Magic is a game of revenge.
Posted By: Drewsel (6/2/2011 9:14:10 AM)


1. I hate cards like this. It makes the game into little more than glorified rock-paper-scissors.
2. For those wondering about the flavor (more so on other printings but I like to keep it on the front page, where people check when looking at cards) it actually does make sense. Remember, despite what wizards may have us believe, an island is a small piece of land in a body of water. If that water were to smother the land that island would be gone, replaced with ocean/sea/lake ect. What is it that makes waves? Well, that is wind so it sort of makes sense (though in Tsunamis earthquates do the wave-making. Ok, earth is red. You have me there).
Posted By: Stinga (6/6/2013 4:20:17 PM)