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Goodnight sweet prince.

We'll miss you in M12.
Posted By: Shiizu (5/25/2011 1:50:25 AM)


Your Ancient Hellkite evolved into The demon of Death's gate....

Posted By: Conanon (4/22/2011 1:34:31 PM)


Too bad it's leaving in M12. One of the cards which defined Magic and RG aggro since so long.
Posted By: bagilis (5/25/2011 6:05:26 AM)


Underdog? This is a staple of the game, still in the core set. And now we finally have all the art variations online. Collect them all!
Posted By: GainsBanding (2/1/2011 5:08:20 AM)


i enjoy the under dog cards like this one. it seems that whenever i play it my opponent nevers ees it coming. especially if you can feign bein weak and creature starved for a turn or two and con them into attacking and at the least rid the field of one of their creatures
Posted By: yoter4x4 (1/13/2011 6:53:11 AM)


A Solid Card.
I cant believe balance of MTG.
Alpha and Beta card still available.
Posted By: LegendKnight (2/15/2011 11:11:18 PM)


i think yoter4x4 means that its a card that helps the underdog, based on the rest of his post.
Posted By: bijart_dauth (2/25/2011 3:19:34 PM)


Why does it have to leave?????
Posted By: Pillow676 (5/25/2011 12:26:49 PM)


You hear me? Yeah that's right, I wanna be the biggest!
Posted By: Kryptnyt (7/18/2011 7:01:34 PM)


Annoyingly, my most common opponent has learned to tell when I actually have this, and when I'm just bluffing. He manages to always block with his good creatures when I don't have this, and always lets my small things through when I do and really want to get rid of those fatties.

I guess I need to work on my poker face.
Posted By: sonorhC (10/4/2011 6:19:07 PM)