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Well, that thing will find it's way into some of my black or blue-black EDH decks.
Posted By: majinara (12/4/2010 1:44:44 AM)


Mechanically, it might have fit in Scars block, but the name would have been a problem for creative. A big part of the plot for Scars was the rebirth of Phyrexia with no contact with the original beyond the initial infusion of oil (and some of Karn's ravings). Having a gate to Phyrexia available would have made it the story of how Phyrexia was recolonised, rather than how Mirrodin was corrupted...
Posted By: rmsgrey (10/24/2011 8:47:02 AM)


Yes that line about artifacts already on their way to the graveyard is essentially reminder text. Although it may not have actually been in the rules at that time, I don't have an Unlimited rulebook sitting around to check.
Posted By: GainsBanding (2/1/2011 5:06:43 AM)


Goes great with Gravepact.
Posted By: lukemol (1/17/2012 3:04:41 PM)


I don't think this is so bad if you have Bitterblossom . Phyrexian Tribute is another one you can use. Curse Artifact is another. Gate is by the most playable one. For the same reason that Koskun Falls is not a horrible inclusion if you are playing monoblack anyway there is little else to use.
Posted By: Hovercraft (11/26/2010 3:31:30 PM)


Was and still is one of the few ways monoblack can deal with non-creature artifacts. It was also fairly useful back in the day when Terror was the go-to black killspell, giving you a viable option for killing artifact creatures.

It's still good sideboard material for either monoblack or any deck running black with a lot of creatures/graveyard recursion. The one-per-turn limit on its use is a little weird, but without it the card could get ridiculous. With the limit in place its {B}{B} cost is just perfect.

@GainsBanding: No idea on Unlimited, but my Revised rulebook says in a few places that creatures can only be sacrificed if they aren't "already on the way to the graveyard".
Posted By: yyukichigai (8/4/2011 8:13:37 PM)


I'm very surprised this didn't get a reprint in the Mirrodon v2 block.
Posted By: sincleanser (8/23/2011 12:56:32 PM)


Useful with Contamination. You don't want people to have Gilded Lotuses out do you?
Posted By: Kryptnyt (4/13/2012 6:06:03 PM)


As a mono black EDH player, i would really love to remove annoying artifacts.
its sad I have only few options like:
Nevinyrral's Disk,Phyrexian Tribute and Powder Keg.
Posted By: chainsmoker (1/25/2014 5:40:37 PM)


It's too bad that this is limited to upkeep and once-per-turn.
Posted By: Jhyrryl (5/1/2014 1:53:39 AM)


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