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I still like this guy! He's a wonderful blocker and just begs to be paired with some equipment. Wish Wizards would bring him back to standard.

Well, they kind of did with priests...

But I want to come into tournaments with my old 4th edition copies! Otherwise they just sit in my rare binder... Gathering dust... It's sad...
Posted By: Tori_Rofocale (3/16/2011 3:02:05 PM)


It was a great card for its day. Still an excellent blocker to have early in the game that can deal some damage without having to tap.
Posted By: AmericanVigor (11/30/2010 12:45:18 AM)


You know the real reason Yotian Soldier hasn't been reprinted since Mirrodin? It's too balanced. Wizards of the Coast doesn't believe that cool cards with a reasonable power level sell boosters; only overpowered, dominating monstrosities.
Posted By: crimson_sunrise (3/23/2011 9:21:34 PM)


Generally outshined for defensive purposes by Priests of Norn, since they will put -1/-1 counters on your opponents creatures. Also Yotian Soldier is more susceptible to removal cards like Naturalize. Of course, the priests are not strictly better than Yotian, since they require {W} colour commitment and Yotian Soldier is more useful outside of an infect deck. Just another card that has gathered dust..
Posted By: tcollins (2/1/2011 2:41:51 PM)


@ crimson_sunrise

I couldn't agree more. The Pokemon kiddies here recoil upon realing Yotian Soldier isn't 6/6 Flying, trample, lifelink, infect, vigilance for 2WW. Aw, too bad children. Go spend your allowance money on yet another mythic rare with ugly, cliched art. Let us old timers enjoy the perrenial favorites with balanced effects and actual artwork.
Posted By: DrJack (8/20/2012 8:58:57 PM)


no crimson_sunrise, the reason it hasn't been reprinted is because that storyline is utterly over now unless Karn somehow preserved Urza's Spirit, Obi-Wan Kenobi style or something.

Search Gatherer for Artifact Creatures that cost 3 and have Vigilance that have stats of 1/4.
Betcha there's a 'functional reprint' out there.
Posted By: DarthParallax (6/3/2012 7:58:39 PM)


i love this card i still play it in my legacy deck,to bad he will not be reprinted due to the story line V~V but hey at least he was replaced with the Phyrexian but i play both cards i refuse to let this one collect dust....
Posted By: zephyrhelix121 (8/11/2012 10:58:38 PM)


Hard to believe this guy was only the second creature with vigilance. (Serra Angel being the first, of course)
Posted By: Continue (11/27/2012 5:55:23 PM)


Holds equips, dodges bolts, eats weenies, blocks zoo all day. It's amazing how even next to a huge recent beater like Ruinator or a brutal card like Messenger I see this guy has highly usable, against the latter he blocks him without killing him; showing his continued relevance!

They can still print a card like this in a core set. Core set stories don't have to be relevant to current timeline events, or else we wouldn't get all sorts of random-location reprints ya know?
Posted By: blurrymadness (7/16/2013 12:20:47 PM)


Hope to see him in some core sets in the near future. Maybe a little too good of a defensive creature for colorless, but a lot of fun.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (9/11/2013 2:19:47 AM)