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yep. This is pretty much what kudzu does in real life.
Posted By: frommerman (1/2/2011 9:32:23 PM)


Land destruction was so much fun back in the day.
Posted By: eestlinc (2/27/2011 3:26:57 AM)


Combos with Pyramids, or anything else you can twist into "regenerating" lands. Activate the Pyramids in response to the destruction, keep the land, and still put the Kudzu on something else.
Posted By: yyukichigai (7/27/2011 7:01:34 PM)


yea, Pyramids, and maybe make it stoopid in green/blue with Aura Grafts or Enchantment Alterations.
Posted By: Garralan (9/12/2011 11:38:09 AM)


Frommerman, as one who grew up in the South,
I can't help but agree with you. Are you from the South too?
Most of the US is ignorant of Kudzu, and safe from it... for now.

This used to be *total* crap,
but with newer cards like Darksteel Citadel, Crucible of Worlds, and Mishra's Helix,
it may yet spring back to life.
Posted By: drpvfx (11/21/2011 1:49:31 PM)


i liked this one back in the day not as a part of any killer combo, but just a fun situation to put on the table. and, yes, as a southerner, i'd say the art sums the stuff up pretty well
Posted By: thevegetable (9/24/2013 3:50:05 PM)


Tilling Treefolk shouldn't be too bad with this; maybe Harvest Wurm
Posted By: blurrymadness (3/6/2014 3:12:39 PM)


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