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Erik's Random card 7/29/2011
When Design, led by Mark Rosewater, handed over the set, it had more artifacts. This replaced one of them.

Mike Turian, the lead developer of SoM, had an idea for a cycle of cards that rewarded metalcraft (called presence at the time). This one was

Presence — At the beginning of your upkeep, if you control three or more artifacts, you may draw a card.

An extra card per turn is very very hard to beat, so Mike made the card a bit weaker:

Presence — At the beginning of your upkeep, if you control three or more artifacts, you may draw a card then discard a card.

Matt Place then had an idea. What if we had a cycle of creatures that rewarded you for casting artifacts? That could give a nice reward, without such a huge switch as "every turn". It was a terrific idea, and this card was very popular.

Posted By: WotC_ErikL (7/29/2011 12:52:07 AM)


Reminds me of Vedalken Archmage. But half the mana cost, half the efficiency, and with an arguably better body. The best card to discard this is Kuldotha Phoenix, by far.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (8/28/2011 11:30:39 PM)


OOOoooh, nice idea.

Now throw in Grand Architect...I smell an engine.
Posted By: Flyheight (2/14/2011 9:26:19 PM)


He is like a mini Vedalken Archmage.
Posted By: KicktheCAN (9/17/2011 10:58:32 PM)


Cross-format constructed star player.
Posted By: YawgmothsWish (2/16/2012 8:07:35 PM)


Sensei's Divining Top + Etherium Sculptors

Run through your deck -> Replace your hand with combo pieces -> Win...

T1, whatever
T2, Riddlesmith
T3, Etherium Sculptor, play the top for free. Riddlesmith's ability goes on the stack. Tap the top to draw a card. Let riddlesmith's ability resolve to draw the top and discard a card from your hand.

Repeat with the top until you draw another sculptor, play it for Blue.
Continue searching with the top until you have a Myr Retriever in your graveyard, and one in your hand with a Grinding Station.

Opponent draws from an empty library on T3.

You can do this by playing Semblance Anvil on T3 as well, with the top in your hand of course.
Posted By: roguepariah (9/7/2012 5:18:46 PM)


Just look how high is pinky is, he is surely the fanciest of the five.
Posted By: Tommy9898 (9/29/2010 1:09:03 AM)


Looks like he's levitating a little Thought Prison.
Posted By: Theostratus (9/29/2010 2:08:07 PM)


Definite synergy with Myr Reservoir. Draw, discard a Myr, return it to your hand.
Posted By: ZuesAscendant (10/4/2010 9:37:56 PM)


When in doubt, pinky out.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (12/24/2010 11:22:07 AM)