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Kodama's Reach is now a core card! Yay! Mana acceleration, powerful mana fixing and card advantage ensuring you won't miss a land drop. This is a great card and a lot of people will be happy to see it "return" now that one of the only good cards from Kamigawa block was about to rotate out. So much better than the simple mana fixing and acceleration Rampant Growth has been bogging us down with. It's about time they upgraded to this.
Posted By: Temple_Garden (7/8/2010 12:34:12 PM)


There's a subtle reason why this card is strictly worse than Kodama's Reach - Kodama's Reach is an Arcane spell, which means it can interact in some ways with Spirit decks and you can "splice into arcane" with it. You can't do that with Cultivate...
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (9/14/2010 3:00:05 PM)


The art is a subtle reference to the Reach too.
Posted By: Luke_BPC (10/17/2010 7:16:31 PM)


This card is kinda like green's version of divination, only the two cards you're "drawing" are both lands and you get to immediately play one of them.
Posted By: mdakw576 (2/15/2011 1:19:28 AM)


Functional reprint of Kodama's Reach, which had to happen- Wizards wouldn't have put Arcane- a set specific mechanic- in a core set.

Very nice card, especially if you're ramping into something for 5- turn 3 (or even 2) this, turn 4 play the second land and drop a phyrexian hydra.
Posted By: Studoku (5/15/2011 3:50:52 AM)


A friend of mine despises this card over Harrow. I can't seem to see his point. They both cost the same (sac-land a side), both lower the land count in a deck by two, both place a net-gain of one land on the field.

The only difference is Harrow effectively only uses one mana (Tap 3, sac a tapped one, put 2 in play untapped) while this uses all three but guarantees a land drop next turn. So you can't truly say this gives you another land drop unless you don't already have a land in your hand.

I guess what I'm getting at is it really falls into personal opinion and play-style. Harrow is faster, Cultivate is more stable.


You really can't compare cards that fill different slots like this. But why not all three? Rampant on T2, this T3. Should you have a mana bug on T1, you can Cultivate and Explore for a three card draw, two of which ar... (see all)
Posted By: OmegaSerris (6/30/2011 11:48:37 PM)


Kodama's Reach. But no splicing here, so it must be bad, lol jk.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (7/11/2010 8:28:34 AM)


Aside from instant speed (which matters much less in green on the opponent's turn) and the open mana; this and harrow do different things.

Harrow provides aggro with fast mana and mana fixing. It allows ramp, but is card neutral. Cultivate is for a longer game, as it provides you with card advantage but no speed (as the extra land is tapped.) You can harrow into the correct mana, plop out a 2 or 3 drop and attack with your other dudes. Cultivate is for a game like turbo-fog or ramp-into-fatty. Cultivate plays well with Explore, harrow doesn't do anything with it.

People who prefer one or the other really just prefer different deck archtypes. IMO, run harrow in zoo, run this in something that can utilize the card advantage (discarding cards, fatties, constant mists)
Posted By: blurrymadness (5/3/2013 2:08:50 PM)


@ TwoStars: No, Cultivate won't prevent you from playing your normal one land per turn. From the comprehensive rules:

305.4. Effects may also allow players to “put” lands onto the battlefield. This isn’t the same as “playing a land” and doesn’t count as a player’s one land played during his or her turn.

Older cards, such as Untamed Wilds sometimes have text stating that 'this doesn't count toward your one land per turn limit', but at some point the game designers realized such text is completely redundant and removed it. That phrase doesn't need to be on the card to prevent the usage of your normal land drop.
Posted By: scumbling1 (4/27/2011 4:23:19 PM)



I would like you to eat your hat after you look at Hisoka's Defiance. This counterspell even nets it's caster 1 mana over Cultivate.

This card is not strictly better but it is different. Having access to this and Kodama's Reach in singleton formats can be quite nice.
Posted By: lorendorky (6/1/2012 12:00:21 AM)


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