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better than despise has way more targets. pure and simple
Posted By: BlackAlbino (5/28/2011 3:58:38 PM)


On constructed: For a common, this card really shines. It's a solid turn-one (which spares it from countermagic) play that nearly always hits home. With the heavy density of planeswalkers in standard, this card has even more targets.
On limited: Less shiny, more meh. Certainly not a very high pick, and only a rather disatisfactory twenty-third card, but if you have it in your sideboard and your opponent has overloaded on spells (or has a couple REALLY good spells), board it in.
Miscellaneous: With my casual playgroup, I far-and-away prefer Inquisition of Kozilek, which ALWAYS has a target in keepable hands.
Posted By: Selez (8/18/2010 7:57:56 PM)


Does anyone realize how much this common was played at worlds? Every single UB control deck had several copies of Duress or Inquisition of Kozilek in their deck. Some decks played both and most of the time it was in the main not the board. I have been using it recently in a similar UB build but keeping Memoricide in the main deck. By have a first turn look at their hand I know what card to pick when I play a fourth turn Memoricide. I used to board it because I didn’t know what was in their hand or deck until game two. Because of Duress this is no longer an issue!
Posted By: potterandrewb (1/12/2011 11:04:24 AM)


One thing (which matters very little in the long run) that makes Duress better than cards like Inquisition of Kozilek, Thoughtseize, Encroach and the like is that Duress can't be Redirected back at you, while all the others allow that option. Not that it matters much since the aforementioned spells are best cast in the early game before such worries rise, and you (the owner of the spell) still choose which card is discarded regardless of its target, but I think it's interesting.
Posted By: Keiya (3/7/2011 3:11:26 AM)


5/5 for the black common that makes Force of Will cry. Card advantage is still king.
Posted By: PhyrexianAdvocate (4/2/2011 9:32:52 AM)


Now play this in a multiplayer game of magic.

Image how naked the person will feel with a turn one duress ;)
Posted By: iSlapTrees (4/29/2011 12:35:24 PM)


I actually kind of like that it can't get rid of creatures and lands. A more limited choice means you won't hold the game up for 5 minutes trying to decide what the worst card (for you) in their hand is.

It also helps when you're not sure whether or not to use a more expensive card like Singe-Mind Ogre or Thought Hemorrhage. Just {B}, and you'll know whether it's worth using the more expensive one.
Posted By: Diachronos (8/30/2010 4:54:04 AM)


I personally enjoy this card way more than I probably should lol. I use it whenever I can. I find it very useful and as a turn one play, it's one of my favourites to play first. It has definately helped out in some drafts.
Posted By: jakeface94 (9/6/2010 2:38:31 PM)


show me your hand now get rid of that coat of arms
Posted By: thegatekeeper (9/9/2010 9:12:39 PM)


One of the best black cards I've ever seen. Where {U} is the wait-and-see-and-counter color, {B} is the aggressive power securing its dominance. I agree with its usefulness against planeswalkers and enchantments. . . It's especially brutal in the early turns.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (12/4/2010 10:36:05 PM)