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When you can't kill something, make it weaker.
Posted By: A0602 (7/8/2010 6:44:30 PM)


It's kind of sad that any black removal has to get compared to all stars like Doomblade and Go for the Throat. I really want more of these -x/-x auras with more aggressive costs.
Posted By: Opined_Fluke (6/27/2013 5:57:15 PM)


Fairly decent removal for mono black. Generally this will either greatly weaken the creature or destroy it, getting around indestructible/regenerate. Plus it's one of the few black removal spells that can target black creatures. Generally, Unmake is better for {3} mana removal but this by no means is a bad card.

Posted By: raptorjesus69 (7/8/2010 9:07:41 PM)


Will run this over Smother in MBC, methinks.

I like that it can remain relevant at any point in the game. While not being able to remove something at instant speed is a drawback for black, the ability for this, like Doom Blade, to be relevant at almost any point in the game makes this card great. And, unlike Doom Blade, this can hit anything besides a creature with Protection from Black.
Posted By: LTJZamboni (7/10/2010 7:58:45 AM)


The flavor text is also extremely badass. I'd call this valuable for its ability to nix black creatures and indestructibles/regenerators. It also has the ability to take a fatty down several notches, making it harmless or nearly so. Not bad. Not game changing, but not bad.
Posted By: Zulp (7/11/2010 10:31:17 PM)


Solid, can help you out in a variety of scenarios.
Posted By: niallcmurray86 (7/21/2010 12:34:14 AM)


Though I'd generally prefer Tendrils of Corruption in most scenarios, this is a good bomb killer- powerful late game, kills indestructibles, and if it doesn't remove the target it makes it small.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (8/2/2010 5:06:32 PM)


I use this in sideboard to switch for doom blades when playing against black, it fills that role nicely.
Posted By: Sironos (9/22/2010 2:49:53 AM)


With the new Liliana of the Dark Realms coming out in M13, this could solve the Avacyn problem.
Posted By: atemu1234 (7/2/2012 8:15:48 PM)


Kills a lot of things, weakens a lot of other things. Keeps getting more potent as the game progresses. Potential abuse with enchantment retrieval in W/B.

Yeah, I'd say it's a solid card. It may not be Murder, but it can deal with a lot of things Murder can't. Like Indestructible creatures.

Just think, with only 11 swamps, you too can kill a Blightsteel Colossus!
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (3/6/2013 11:49:56 PM)