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This is pretty much the best elf in standard, and I'd say he'd still rank as one of the best taking all other elves into account.

I'm certainly not complaining, but I'm aware that it's cards like this that make people whine about elves.
Posted By: Gelzo (12/10/2010 8:14:18 PM)


Turn 1- Llanowar Elves
Turn 2- Elvish Archdruid
Turn 3- GreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreen.....

Obvious 5/5.
Posted By: n00bmag1 (8/13/2010 8:45:09 AM)


Why? That's really all I can say at this point. Aren't elves powerful enough without more bonuses, more mana production? Elves are practically one of the most, if not THE most supported tribe. If there's another tribe that gets more gems every set than elves, I can't think of them at the moment. When I pointed this out to a friend he went on a rant about vampires, but let me just state the only really over powered vampires were in the zendikar block, I think vampires will start losing some of their support now that zendikar is over, I mean sure maybe the occasional Captivating Vampire but they'll still have nothing over elves

@Diachronos: Yeah goblins slipped my mind when I made that post, but goblins are... well... goblins are stupid* >_> the only good goblin decks are usually tribal goblin decks which is usually a pretty straight forward suicide strategy and if it screws up they don't have much else to rely on. Elves can shoot out an emrakul on turn 3. LSV's elf... (see all)
Posted By: IshubarashI (9/3/2010 10:10:44 PM)


Can Elves get anymore ridiculous?
Posted By: Faust-The-Desolate (7/8/2010 6:08:28 PM)


I'd say goblins are still the most supported tribe overall, and vampires are doing pretty well for themselves considering that vampire tribal basically just came into existence with the last set.
Posted By: achilleselbow (8/11/2010 8:06:56 PM)


The Priest of Titania combined with Elvish Champion is still crazy good in the elf deck. Usually better than Imperious Perfect because his mana ability allows you to accelerate out a big spell (Joraga Warcaller loves this guy) or a faster play (usually good in an elf deck) to get an earlier win. The Imperious Perfect's token ability is cool but too slow when you could be using card drawing and this guy to bring in real elves. Welcome back to magic Mr. Elf Lord.
Posted By: Temple_Garden (7/8/2010 12:45:35 PM)


The fact that this guy is a 2/2 is a serious statement to how biased Wizards design is towards Elves.

He's an old dude that inspires the other elves - oh yeah, but he can wrestle with a Grizzly Bear. :rolleyes:
Posted By: reapersaurus (3/19/2011 3:05:15 AM)


Elf decks usually do strength in numbers and with some of these cards that boost the cheap to throw out cards, it makes elves a nuisance to defeat,like if someone has like 4 Llanowar elves out on the field with an elvish archdruid, renegade leader,and elvish champion, all the Llanowar elves are now to 4/4 toughness
Posted By: DarwinianMaster (3/7/2011 9:21:42 AM)


Tribes are for people who don't like to think much about deck construction before playing a deck that can do well.

Slivers and (tribal) elves probably did a good job of doing away with a lot of players who played and enjoyed Magic prior to Tempest.

It's one thing to play with 3 or 4 Llanowar/Fyndhorn Elves, Sylvan Ranger, or Elvish Visionary in order to get fast mana; ensure sufficient mana (especially in multi-colored decks); or play a cheap, crap combat creature that keeps your hand up and keeps your deck rolling.

It's another thing to play with a bunch of all of those, a bunch of these, and a bunch of Elvish Champions. That doesn't take much thought - and all of a sudden you're producing oodles of quick mana with a small-but-growing army of medium-to-big creatures in only a few turns.

Magic became cool not because players could win by matching types and rarities, but because it was a fun game that rewarded intelligence, knowledge, memory, and creativity. It was because yo... (see all)
Posted By: humor_love (8/8/2011 12:45:54 PM)


too glad that priest of titania is no longer extended legal.... oh ..wait
Posted By: TheMoustacheCame (7/10/2010 5:30:08 PM)