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I'm very happy to see this back. A wonderful replacement for Path to Exile once it rotates.

Good that it only works on attacking creatures, though. Though in some cases it can be a bad thing.
Posted By: DonRoyale (7/8/2010 12:02:09 PM)


@ tonyapagansocwrkr I doubt you'll read this but your loose grasp of the rules demand an answer.

In ALL cards where you cast a spell and the spell causes you to gain life will say "You gain X life."

When you cast a spell targeting something and there is a secondary effect, such as " target . It's controller ", in all these cases the "controller" in question is always referring to the controller of the object that was targeted.

Again, if it's referring to the controller of the spell being cast, it always says "You".

So yes, the controller of the attacking creature gains the life.
Posted By: PrimeSonic (1/14/2011 6:58:59 AM)


This card is really good in my UW control/infect deck. It clears the board, and unless they're running something like Felidar Sovereign I could care less what their life total is.

EDIT: I've seen this thing in U/W mill decks as well. Again, there are win conditions that don't care about life total, and this thing is almost unfair in that.
Posted By: SarpNasty (10/9/2011 6:17:54 AM)


Interesting to note the changes in flavortext.
"But I will have justice now!"-Dissension (italicized, exclamation mark)
"But I will have justice now!" -Tenth Edition (no longer italics)
"But I will have justice now." -Magic 2011 (no longer even exclaiming)
Note that in flavortext, things that would normally be italicized are un-italicized, since everything is italicized. Like if you use a highlighter on everything but one word on a page, the one thing not highlighted will stand out.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (4/17/2011 5:05:31 PM)


It feels a lot more balanced than Path to Exile. No more of that smug "Swords to Plowshares"-ish 'path' this and 'path' that.

Between this and Oust, deck designing will be more interesting in M11 Standard.
Posted By: nammertime (7/8/2010 2:48:08 PM)


Use Condemn in conjunction with Alluring Siren if you are playing White/Blue.

Condemn is just as useful to use on my own attacking creature in response to a Doom Blade, etc. I see Condemn as more useful in decks that want to fend off faster opponents in the first 4-5 turns. I'm going to try out using two Condemns in my White/black.. but I'm already thinking of replacing Condemn with Pacifism.
Posted By: Athinor (9/7/2010 1:45:40 PM)


This seems, to me at least, to be much more flavor-true than Path and StP -- no matter how great they are. I agree with what I've heard many people say, the best removal should be mainly {B}. Other colors' (I may have improperly placed that apostrophe) removal should be slightly less effective, as well as try to stay true to it's color -- like Condemn does for {W} by being defensive removal.

And I'm not a hardcore {B} player either. I've only made one {B} deck, actually (and it was only splashed with {B}). If anything, I'm a hardcore {W} fan.
Posted By: VirtueVsVice (7/18/2010 3:39:36 PM)


I'm glad this in instead of Path, this is balanced, Path is not.
Posted By: Temple_Garden (7/10/2010 1:06:30 PM)


Anyone else notice the "Boros Guildmage" quote? Maybe the next 2011 block is going to be a visit to everyone's favorite 10 guild plane? :D
Posted By: pigknight (3/27/2011 3:33:42 PM)


@Kyo_Dark_Fire - Tunnel Vision says other-wise.

@Donovan_Fabian - Power wise, it is weaker than Path to Exile. However, that is the point of replacing Path with this card in Standard. It severely weakens white as an all-purpose color. In your example white has to suffer any triggers caused by the attack. Black is the creature removal color and as such Doom Blade would be able to circumvent waiting for the creature to attack. Printing Condemn is a move to shift the scene of Standard.

@Kryptnyt - The "attacking creature" clause is for the sake of balance. Being able to remove any creature that serves any purpose for White is horribly broken. People complain about Lightning Bolt and that can't kill creatures with toughness 4 or greater. Even giving an opponent a land doesn't balance out Path to Exile.

@Cheza - This fits white just fine. Each color does have targeted creature re... (see all)
Posted By: CeremonialBathory (11/15/2010 3:32:23 AM)