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This guy has so much flavor I think I might have to go and cry in a corner.

Posted By: Tamerlein (7/18/2013 7:02:29 PM)


-Design Team-

Member1- I have an Idea for a new demon.
Member2- We're not going to make a Demon version of Baneslayer Angel.
Member1- No, no, not making that mistake again. Besides, we're already reprinting Baneslayer. I was just going to suggest a 9/9 for 9cmc that has flying, trample, no drawbacks, and an alternative cost so people can cheat him into play as early as turn one.
Member2- ...fine, but make it mythic and give it some kickass art.
Posted By: Eved (7/29/2010 2:20:23 PM)


In a mock draft, on turn 2:
Me: Play these 2 1-drops, sac all 3 for my Demon of Death's Gate! *maniacal laughter*
Them: End of turn, Unsummon.
Posted By: MrBarrelRoll (8/28/2010 8:34:40 PM)


*** he's just missing shroud to be a real bad ass !
Read The Mimeoplasm , it doesn't fuse the two creatures in one but becomes a copy of one with the power of the other one , you've been fooled by you girlfriend.
Best target for this : not an agressive one drop and two black cats that can keep themselfs alive as a threat.
Posted By: MojoVince (5/13/2013 3:42:12 AM)


this guy likes reassembling skeleton
Posted By: Gezus82 (7/12/2010 1:14:49 PM)


Represents black perfectly: making sacrifices for power.
Posted By: WaffleCop (7/26/2010 2:20:40 PM)


On magiccards.info on 4/10/2011, a high quality version of this costs $6.66! Kreappy!
Posted By: Superllama12 (4/10/2011 1:37:51 PM)


@Temple Garden

You're right about the removal - but the Mythic Rarity on this card is more to do with keeping him rarer in limited .....plus he's just BADASS!
Posted By: jonboyjon (7/9/2010 2:13:28 PM)


Delraich!!!! I am your father!!!!
Posted By: DarthKithkin (7/9/2010 12:06:07 AM)


Turn one: swamp, dark ritual, 3 1/1's, sac, demon of deaths gate... i love this card
Posted By: xsuperdude18x (1/3/2011 6:53:19 PM)


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