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despite the lack of 5 power matters ability, this card has been one of my favorites. At 6 mana, you can put it right in play, use it, and then block with it on the same turn. It reminds me of lightning elementals, except lightning elementals only had 1 toughness and were a 4 mana cast. Bull cerodons are way better, providing you with an instant blocker and attacker. Another big benefit, is if you are playing mayael the anima you can use her ability to put it on the field then attack with it immediately. A pretty basic, but really solid card.
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (9/23/2009 12:19:06 AM)


As much as I wish he had trample as well, I think if he had it this card would be completely broken, or would've had to have been made a rare, or both. As it stands, it's still a remarkably simple yet effective card.
Posted By: Zulp (12/9/2009 9:04:58 PM)


@Valakri2040 . . Dude your trippin man this is good already if it was only 5cmc then it would be too good. Or at least it would have been maybe tournament worthy. I think it's fine where its at.
Posted By: EvilCleavage (5/21/2010 6:49:14 PM)


One of my favourite cards ever, it just makes me happy.
Posted By: jhimbob (10/7/2009 7:47:12 AM)


perfect in a Naya deck using spearhunter
Posted By: jptty38 (10/24/2009 11:42:08 PM)


My God Wizards! You have realy earned your name here! this is sutch a beutifull, elegant card from top to bottom! This is my first coment here, but you certantley earned it! the desighners, flavour txt dudes and the artist all deserve a pat on the back for a team effort, makeing the overall feel of this card a single, cohesive mesage, whitch reads "im soo big, and soo fast!" who cares about the high (but fair) mana cost?
If i had a complaint it would be that i onley own one!
for now... h.
Posted By: HoboColin (2/2/2010 10:38:00 PM)


like Patrick's bellybutton.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (1/2/2011 6:07:39 PM)


I am really fascinated by this card and its younger counterpart, Cerodon Yearling. Both cards are simple and yet effective, however; I really wish that Wizards would have just made its converted cost 3RW. At 6cc and under I think both red and white may have better resources, and paying 6 for a creature that has no form of evasion and can be chump blocked is a tiny bit underwhelming when considering the opponent's possible threats on turn six (assuming that you are still alive by then, that is). Additionally, it would have truly made this card and Cerodon Yearling a “pair” when concerning their converted mana cost, abilities, power/cc ratio, and etc. Overall though, this is still a good card for what it does.
Posted By: Valakrie2040 (1/3/2010 10:00:50 AM)


Eh...it's okay. Cerodon Yearling is better for me.
Posted By: Lateralis0ne (12/16/2009 8:53:54 PM)


i like ceradon yearling better. the haste and vigilance combo is most affective at the beginning when your opponent doesnt have anythingto block with so u can get a quick shot at their throat. by turn 6 theyll just chump block this guy or remove him. if he had trample it would be better
Posted By: froggytherock (5/29/2010 8:43:52 AM)


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