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These bounce lands are phenomenal for casual multi-player. You give up early game tempo, which is of much reduced value, for a one card advantage. You only loose one mana for one turn, and this decreases the odds that you will miss a turn 5 of 6 land drop which can be huge. Since you choose the turn of mana loss, you can sometimes sneak it by on a turn when you just can't use all of your mana.
The early game tempo loss in a constructed duel is unforgivable, and thus casual players can pick up this effective mana fixer for low cost.
Wizards: thank you for making a good Karoo!
Posted By: kiseki (4/1/2011 1:04:04 PM)


mythicalcreature: The card would say "you may return a land" if it is optional. When it does not say may then it is a must. Surprised they don't have Oracle rulings...
Posted By: BinarySpike (11/4/2009 9:37:01 PM)


Steppe Lynx + Plated Geopede + Boros Garrison (bouncing itself) = filthiness.

not to mention it combos well with the other Zendikar lands like Sejiri Steppe, Teetering Peaks, Smoldering Spires, Kabira Crossroads, etc.
Posted By: troublestarts (12/22/2010 12:11:05 AM)


You don't get the mana when it comes into play, since it comes in tapped. Coming in tapped is not the same as coming in and then tapping it.
Posted By: Alqatrkapa (2/13/2010 10:03:49 AM)


if you have no other lands, you'll have to bounce this one ofc.
Posted By: Tezz (4/26/2010 5:26:44 AM)


A very good card from where I am standing, as it is generates two mana when it lands, even though you lose one temporarily.
Posted By: Gaussgoat (1/4/2010 1:22:30 PM)


the only thing that is not really explained is if it is an absolute Must to return the land to your hand.

other than that, wonderfully useful card.
Posted By: mythicalcreature (11/2/2009 8:04:54 PM)


what if you had no lands in play? can you still play it from your hand? it doesn't say you need to sacrifice it if you didn't...
Posted By: kkkyyyyyyymmm (4/17/2010 6:46:48 PM)


I play these at the end of my turn and return an already tapped land to my hand. Also nice if one of your other lands get enchanted with something, i.e. contaminated ground as it allows you to bounce the enchantment off. Despite having to work around it, the ability to have more mana while using fewer cards makes it well worth it.
Posted By: Smoke_Stack (2/8/2013 9:02:11 PM)


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