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Tenza, Godo's Maul would be fun with this.
Posted By: TreeTrunkMaster (3/9/2011 11:25:00 PM)


This card is a classic, for me. I used him back in the day and I still do. The power of a a 6-power hastey flier can't be denied. It's not overpowered or broken, just a great card. Plus, a dragon. Who can argue with that?
Posted By: Lord_Ascapelion (2/17/2010 7:49:48 PM)


Legends are reserved for the characters of any given block's story line and probably fits his book appearance quite well, nonetheless, he is a solid creature.

On contrast though, not all card legends fit with story well... Gerrard Capashen supposedly killed Tsabo Tavoc. Good luck with that.
Posted By: KarmasPayment (6/3/2010 10:35:41 PM)


this guy makes it in my legacy red deck...hes better than shivin dragon because hes a 6/5 haste that swings in for 6 the first turn he comes out, opponents dont have a turn to prepare for him, hes a game finisher!
Posted By: luckyduck4 (2/12/2011 11:15:53 PM)


I agree with dark sun, this one is effective, no doubt, but he is too conventional to be legendary in my opinion. Would definitely like one for my red deck, but the art is just horrible, look at it, it looks like a small serpent with wings, if they reprint it, make it look like the savage beast it is.
Posted By: Sironos (6/20/2010 8:21:41 AM)


Really, really needs better art.
Posted By: Paleopaladin (3/13/2010 9:31:59 PM)


how the hell is this boring or bland. This card is classic and beautiful.

It will always be the epitome of things your opponent is not prepared for.

normally they have a turn to prepare for a fatty like this or at least a couple of blockers just in case. This comes in for an immediate 6 damage that your opponent need luck more than anything to be able to deal with.

this was also used next to akroma, angel of wrath in extended reanimator and was viable competing with UG madness, which is banned, and affinity, which had half it's cards banned. Were any of your flashy legends ever viable in that tournament situation?

and the art and flavor are amazing too.
Posted By: Gezus82 (5/27/2010 7:46:58 PM)


While I understand that he's quite good, to be perfectly honest I hate him. I mean, he's a Legend, but he's so...boring. IMO, Legends should be reserved for things that actually have interesting, semi-unique effects, not just a bland 6/5 Flying Haste.
Posted By: Chosen_of_the_Dark_Sun (4/20/2010 2:50:33 PM)


Strictly worse than Storm Crow.
Posted By: Wudikind (3/14/2010 8:43:29 PM)


Absolutely love this most awesome card. So bad@ss. This is why reds my fav

Posted By: pau3r (4/16/2012 8:24:25 PM)