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I don't get the confusion over this being a R/W Spirit Horror. Order/Unity and Rage/Emotion can be very scary together, and don't exactly necessitate good. For a historical example, look at the ancient Romans.
Anyway, 5/5. Solid card.
Posted By: SgtPepperjack (6/12/2012 2:17:35 PM)


@Paleopaladin: There is no reason that White cannot have horrors.

Horrors in Magic are just really scary monsters that defy de***ion. White can be very frightening, due to its often fascist sense of order and its blind sense of altruism.

New Phyrexia was not the first time we've seen evil White; evil White was also present in Kamigawa block with the blindly vengeful O-Kagachi and Konda's mad ploy to steal a spirit, and in Torment/Odyssey with the fanatical and merciless Teroh and Kirtar. It's been present in Magic for a while. It was even present as far back as Urza block with Radiant, an Archangel who became obsessed with keeping Serra's realm under order and rooting out evil to the point that she slaughtered her own subjects.

Any of the colors can be evil, just as any of them can be good (Ask Xantcha and Toshiro whether Black can be good). White often seems the least evil because it employs a lot of healing spells (Because it's altruistic) and religious imagery (Becau... (see all)
Posted By: Fireballmage (5/28/2012 12:02:34 PM)


Erik's Random card 6/3/2011
Eventide was my second development team, and it was led by Matt Place.
This used to tap a creature when you played a white spell, and do 1 damage to all tapped creatures when you played a red spell.
While there was nothing wrong with that card, Matt had something different in mind: a big splashy cycle of rare hybrid creatures (which he called "Tolsimere", later "Liege). Each enemy color pair got one, and they were great with the hybrid cards of that color pair. For red/white, Matt knew an homage to Lightning Helix was the way to go.
I learned that development wasn't just about balancing cards and colors. You had to take a look at the set as a whole and figure out what was missing. Matt knew it needed some clear build-around cards, and this was one of them.
Posted By: ErikLauer (6/3/2011 9:07:03 PM)


Obviously a total powerhouse if you can keep him alive. This guy is so good at burning that he is justifiable in a mono-red.... and that is only half of his effect.

Difficult to see where he goes wrong at all, particularly since he can STACK. Having two or 3 of this guy on the field is a game winning scenario.

5/5, one of the easiest 5's to hand out ever.
Posted By: Gaussgoat (1/13/2010 11:21:02 AM)


This and Lightning Helix is a true game winner.
Posted By: Cigarette (1/20/2010 10:50:47 AM)


Key word being horror
Posted By: Superllama12 (5/29/2011 12:59:27 PM)


Pulled this guy in the pre release, it was murder for the other guy, i was playin rgw

Posted By: Ava_Adore (1/19/2010 9:06:27 PM)


Okay, so if you've never played this guy in a naya deck, you're missing out on some pretty depressed looks from the other side of the table. Lightning Helix is the obvious choice to run alongside him, but when you add such cards as Woolly Thoctar, Cerodon Yearling, Skyknight Legionnaire, and Hearthfire Hobgoblin, It's like Christmas!! Speed things up a bit with Birds of Paradise and some draw power, like Howling Mine, it'll be over relatively quickly. Here's a thought...he is a big upgrade to Pandemonium comboing with Aluren and cards like Horned Kavu, Grinning Ignus, and Fleetfoot Panther. Infinite damage or infinite life...your choice!!
Posted By: mrbgddy (12/21/2010 9:18:23 AM)


I have an all white and red deck and this card wins games all the time
Posted By: Elfenthuisiast (9/22/2009 5:39:13 PM)


Red/White is a great color combination and this guy isn't doing anything to hurt that position.
Posted By: desolation_masticore (12/29/2010 8:03:01 AM)


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