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Why isn't this a core set card?
Posted By: TheTraitorKing (1/18/2010 7:37:44 AM)


Put three in play with no other targets: Crash MTGO.
Posted By: Gako (1/30/2012 6:00:46 PM)


Why hasn't anyone come up with a ridiculous combo to bounce this back to your hand as soon as you play it? There's gotta be better ways to abuse this than something like Narrow Escape and Into the Roil; still, both of those - for a little more mana - ensure that you'll never see the O-ring's exiled card again.
Posted By: Arislan (3/31/2010 6:48:33 AM)


@farming When Oblivion Ring enters the battlefield, it's no longer a spell and neither is it's ability, so Emrakul's protection doesn't matter. It IS still white though.

@ergonomicQ Your 'combo' with Sigil of The Empty Throne doesn't work. When the O-Rings return to the battlefield, you aren't casting them, so you don't get Angel tokens.
Posted By: Orim-s_Thunder (5/18/2010 7:41:09 AM)


It looks like this card will be rotating out of standard (unless they reprint it in Scars) along with the fact that they didn't reprint Pithing Needle or will make Dealing with plainswalkers a lot harder in T2, I guess I might need to run a few hexmages in my deck/sb now. I don't understand why this can't just be a core set card though.
Posted By: Kurraga (7/11/2010 3:10:02 PM)


@pjboylan: Emrakul has protection from colored SPELLS, but O-ring's effect is an ABILITY. Therefore it can target Emrakul. So can, say Visara the Dreadful
Posted By: Mata-nui3 (2/12/2011 9:56:29 AM)


A bit too versatile I guess...
Posted By: Gabriel422 (6/6/2011 8:36:51 PM)


PhyrexianLobbiest (10/27/2009 7:38:33);
About the first part of your comment... I get it, yet at the same time it doesn't make sense, why would you exile your own Baneslayer/ Krosan Cloudscraper when you could just clobber them with it; I mean basicly you have a choice of either having your Mirari's wake-- you use one or both to try to clobber them so...
I don't know.. Just seems to make more sense to exile their stuff unless we're talking you got two enchantments they don't like on the table are there and either single one could destroy them, THEN it would make sense to Oblivion ring one so if they play Tranquility they only get rid of one and the other comes back so they'd be in an impossible possition.
I mean since Tranquility wont effect your creatures... I don't see temperarily exiling your own creature/s to try to stop them from playing it; if you got such ugly creatures out and they could/ would end they game-- then why dely the game?? Just seems silly.

Donovan_Fabia... (see all)
Posted By: AbyssalManZero (12/24/2009 6:26:15 PM)


There's the Red-Ring and the O-Ring; one screws you over in MW2, the other in MTG.
Posted By: Collinisimo (1/31/2010 6:30:09 PM)


This is one of the greatest cards in the game without a doubt. The trick that turns it from odd exile enchantment to strategic gold is to Exile your own permanents with it.

1. Let's say you've got Mirari's Wake on the table, and you need the mana ramp to keep your deck synergy going. Your opponent has Tranquility, obviously they should play Tranquility and remove your mana ramp, but wait! You've used Oblivion Ring to exile oh I don't know, something nasty, Baneslayer Angel, Krosan Cloudscraper, or heck even another Mirari's Wake. Suddenly it doesn't become so obvious what to do; no matter what your opponent decides to do the outcome is favorable for you and that puts you in control of the game.

2. Let's you get any Lhurgoyf style creature on the board early and then exil it to keep it out of other players hands; late game, autocar... (see all)
Posted By: PhyrexianLobbiest (10/27/2009 7:38:33 PM)