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These ladies are completely amazing in any sort of Elemental-themed deck. They can accelerate into Ball Lightning and Ashenmoor Gouger for offense, then drop an Incandescent Soulstoke into a hasty Mulldrifter to get your hand back up and ready for more. Incredibly useful. 5/5
Posted By: chinkeeyong (8/24/2010 6:35:41 AM)


One of these equals plus a Llanowar elves equals turn 3 Thorn Elemental. Turn 4? I'm thinking Double Cleave and Giant Growth on Thorny and swing. Boom. Game over. But that's Thorn Elemental being its obscene self; this card does for Elemental decks what Vedalken Engineer does for artifact decks, except that elementals tend to come in a variety of colours and require two or three or four coloured manae per each, and thus benefit more from Smokebraider's abilty than (generally colourless) artifacts benefit from the Engineer's.
Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (2/19/2010 8:02:43 AM)


My UR elemental deck is impossible without these. Turn 1 flamekin harbinger, turn 2 this, turn 3 nova chaser championing harbinger. If the chaser dies, fetch another. Run out of chasers, search for supreme exemplars.
Posted By: ultratog1028 (5/28/2012 2:48:00 PM)


@ZEvilMustache: Echo is a delayed triggered ability. It's not an activated ability, so you can't spend Smokebraider's mana on it.
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (5/31/2011 4:10:48 PM)


Can this be used to play Elemental echo costs? Or are those "costs" and not "abilities." As you can tell, I'm pretty sure of the answer. I just want confirmation.
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (2/11/2010 3:32:18 AM)


It's very strange that a red creature is tapping for mana.
Posted By: Asinine-Ultimatum (9/1/2010 3:34:38 AM)


Posted By: Zageitz (11/27/2009 10:21:02 AM)


Red mana production is cool.
Posted By: Axelle (1/18/2013 3:23:47 PM)



It says rite in the oracle that u can use this for additional costs, so presumably yes. Ask a judge to be sure
Posted By: patronofthesound (5/2/2013 9:03:05 AM)


Pretty awesome with Obsidian Fireheart. Not only gets him out earlier but almost adds a blaze counter himself. Getting any kind of other ramp on the field can get you blaze counters by T3 :D
Posted By: blurrymadness (1/16/2014 4:07:55 PM)