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I used to think this was awesome only in one-on-ones, since early boost plays in multiplayer tend to get murdered horribly first and sit there with a lot of card disadvantage.

But it really saves a lot of Daemon Decks where you're struggling to get that quick 7-8 mana for Griselbrand or Reiver Demon. Seriously, I've found myself praying for this thing to turn up way more than I legitimately should...
Posted By: psychichobo (10/7/2012 7:53:41 AM)


If a card is so good that EVERY deck of its color could benefit from it, it deserves a maximum rating

5/5 Stars.
Posted By: TheSuperbloop (3/13/2010 1:25:07 PM)


Somebody actually rated the Ritual under 5?
Posted By: uberschveinen (2/25/2010 12:23:19 AM)


Some people underestimate what Dark Ritual can do for you. I know someone who got 3 in his starting hand; he used them to drop Phage the Untouchable on his first turn.
Posted By: Diachronos (2/4/2010 7:49:26 PM)


Dark Ritual is only legal in Eternal Formats (Vintage, Legacy) and certain MTGO formats. In those formats, it is unrestricted in any way.

Also, cards are practically never restricted in Standard.

Correct first turn plays with Ritual include Duress + Hymn To Tourach, Duress + Oona's Prowler, etc. You want to make SURE that your opponent can NOT do anything to stop your mad first turn rush. A first turn Bolt or Swords to Plowshares on a Hypnotic Specter means your opponent will likely win due to both card and tempo advantage.
Posted By: AlphaNumerical (10/31/2009 10:19:16 AM)


Any black deck that can legally have him puts in 4 copies, no questions asked.
Posted By: faisjdas (1/20/2010 6:55:49 PM)


Absolutley a MUST for any black deck, and a valuable spell even if you just have a 'splash' of black.

I heard that this card was restricted to two in a dekc (or something like that) but haven't found any details about it. Any confirmations?
Posted By: Akureyi (9/16/2009 11:29:17 AM)


An excellent choice for any black deck, but a must for a draining deck.
4 of these + Drain Life + any lands you may have out = one quick game.
Posted By: Draugnor (9/11/2009 6:10:11 PM)


AMAZING! You can play Hypnotic Scepter in the first turn!
Also, you can play Dark Ritual with Culling the Weak, sacrificing a creature at your first turn (that you played using the other 2 black mana dark ritual provided), and then you can use Temporal Extortion! Have fun!
Posted By: Guest1334148255 (9/19/2009 12:01:09 PM)


Aww this should come in zendikar
Posted By: Qazior (9/7/2009 11:29:32 PM)