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Poor Taunting Elf...
Posted By: forumbrowser (6/6/2012 7:00:06 PM)


I just started running this in my Oath of Druids deck with three creatures that make this oh so special:
Lorescale Coatl
Steel Hellkite
Engulfing Slagwurm
Posted By: raptorman333 (3/2/2012 6:59:47 AM)


Prized Unicorn. Or anything else that forces you to block it. But mosly the unicorn.
Posted By: MagicShine (5/24/2012 4:27:50 AM)


Provoke deck.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (8/7/2012 5:25:26 PM)


I like putting this in a Ninja deck and letting the opponent pick their poison. Especially fun on Ninja of the Deep Hours: Would you like to take 2 damage and give me a card, or just let me take two cards? And the fact the Equip cost is so low means you don't lose much if you bounce the equipped creature using Ninjutsu.
Posted By: Sasooli (9/7/2012 2:46:51 PM)


by that same logic, majinara, lightning bolt is overhyped because if you cast it on a baneslayer angel it becomes:

R - Weird Nothing Spell
As an additional cost to cast weird nothing spell, slap yourself in the face.

of course this card is going to be less exciting if you use it wrong.
Posted By: Uhhsam (10/12/2010 3:30:30 PM)


Why hello there Tangle Angler! What's that? You can see the future? And I'm drawing cards? Well golly gee!
Posted By: MrBarrelRoll (9/23/2010 5:28:33 PM)


Not nearly as powerful as Skullclamp, consider that 1) Your opponent can choose not to block and 2) You can kill your own critters with Clamp to draw. However, this one has a lot of potential in Infect decks where unblocked creatures are nightmares.
Posted By: Cyberium (9/23/2010 5:17:56 PM)


How about this card in a life gain-glimmer bounce deck with ajani's pridemate... Take 12x damage or I draw two cards... Suddenly its not a choice anymore :O

Or what about a blue/green landfall mill deck? Put this on your screeching silclaw or your Turbtimber Basilisk. Maybe throw an eel umbra in there for good measure so your basilisk doesn't die. So then it becomes either force the block, destroy a creature and draw two with the basilisk or force them to choose between 4 cards getting milled or letting me draw 2 cards.

You guys who are all "blah blah this card blows cuz it gives your opponents the real decision" need to rethink your outlook on magic as a whole it seems. This card is amazing on many levels but of course its not for every deck.

This card is amazing, the whole point of this card is taking the "choice" away from your opponent, using it in a fashion to where there really isn't much of a choice, if there's a choice to be made at all.

Also, Brass Squire can pu... (see all)
Posted By: Vakyoom (4/21/2011 8:36:54 AM)


You have it all wrong, this is designed to make my Drelnochs twice as powerful! Bow before their terrible might!
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (9/23/2010 7:27:31 PM)


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