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Lady Orca was a sorceress. She killed Angus Mackenzie. Seemingly made from living, boiling tar, she was also a minion of Ramses Overdark, who sent her against Tetsuo Umezawa on several occasions. She was finally defeated when Umezawa penetrated her lair and destroyed it, disrupting her essence.
Posted By: majinara (2/2/2010 3:01:33 PM)


Strictly worse than Tsabo Tavoc.
Posted By: Test-Subject_217601 (1/3/2011 11:32:52 AM)


I'm positive Tsabo Tavoc must have had a connection to her and they just didn't have room to write in what it was.

Same CMC, Same P/T, even the creepy blue bald face is the same.
Posted By: Moxxy (12/9/2012 8:50:46 AM)


Flavor issues: This thing has serious trouble killing Angus Mackenzie since all she can do is combat damage :/
Posted By: LordRandomness (5/2/2013 5:26:03 AM)


Lady Killer Whale?
Wait, what?
Posted By: Fwoosh (8/30/2011 2:06:08 PM)


Cantstandya! Cantstandya! (if anyone watches Seinfeld)
Posted By: Goatllama (5/22/2012 4:09:19 PM)


My friend ordered a Lady Evangela for his EDH deck and got this instead. It was quite funny.
Posted By: Mr.Wimples (12/1/2012 2:22:03 PM)


7/4 vanilla for 7 multicoloured... Why have a legendary be vanilla? makes no sense to me...
Posted By: Sironos (8/25/2010 6:50:36 PM)


Another fantastic creature from the Legends set. So playable.
Posted By: Zulp (10/16/2009 9:49:50 PM)


"Lady" Orca has some serious male pattern baldness.
Posted By: GaseousPlatypus (11/4/2010 5:25:38 AM)


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