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His -1 ability will work excellent with the new proliferate mechanic.
Posted By: tcollins (11/30/2010 2:34:05 AM)


His second ability has always been my favorite, and the reason to put him in the deck I put him in. Which is mah rebel deck. He looks kinda like Billy Idol too... if you erm... turn it sideways... and drink a few beers...
Posted By: Kryptnyt (7/11/2010 7:28:19 AM)


Ajani's -1: Creatures get bigger and gain vigilance.

Venser's -1: Creatures are unblockable.

There's some fun to be had with these two working together, I think...
Posted By: BlueInkAlchemist (2/7/2011 8:18:25 AM)


A friend and I each pulled one of these at a prerelease. He kept going on about its ultimate, which struck me as odd.

Ajani's ultimate should be the last reason you use him. Instead, he should be used as a continuous Glorious Anthem that boosts your creatures when it comes into play. Spam his -1 ability three times, then gain life, then use the -1 ability again. Your creatures will become enormous and there will be little your opponent can do about it short of mass removal, which still leaves you with an advantage, as Ajani will still be around to pump himself (and your life total) before you cast a creature again, at which point you'll be able to -1 once more, repeating the cycle.

So yeah.
Posted By: Azazyel (7/12/2010 4:15:35 PM)


Poor Ajani...he's the only one of the first five planeswalkers who hasn't had his own duel deck yet :(

EDIT: He's got one now! :D
Posted By: ZeroSheep (10/6/2011 3:41:04 PM)


This guy is AWESOME with that new 'proliferate' ability -- lets you make a whole swarm of creatures GIANT.
Posted By: MrBarrelRoll (9/24/2010 8:05:22 PM)


I was thinking of using his first and second ability with Elspeth Tirel and making an army of creatures.
Posted By: crystalisdraco (12/9/2010 2:00:47 PM)


Put a lifelink on the avatar token. I did this to a freind the other day. I put the avatar out as a 30/30 attached a lifelink to it. Every time he blocked it, my life and the avatar's P/T were unreal in no time. from a 30/30 to a 60/60 to a 120/120 to a 240/240 to a 480/480 with just as much life? Plus if you really wanted to you could use the token as a wall to put out another one for kicks. Nothing wrong with that.
Posted By: JudoThai (7/31/2010 9:00:59 AM)


Posted By: ryanp25 (8/16/2012 8:05:14 PM)


I pulled one of these at my prerelease! I confused its -1 ability with Elspeth's and it lost me a game. Go me.
Posted By: roqbthepirate (7/12/2010 5:52:25 AM)


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