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@U-caster: Sorry, but you can't. It's not green, so equipping it would be an ability from a nongreen source, and equipping IS targeted.
Posted By: littlebeast (7/21/2010 12:35:40 PM)


Good card but i prefer Neurok Stealthsuit when im playing blue
Posted By: Drfaustmd (3/31/2011 7:07:12 AM)


This card is great for not only protecting your stronger creatures, but also for amplifying their threat. It's a little costly, but definitely worth it.
Posted By: SleetFox (7/17/2010 4:54:36 PM)


this plus Child of Night won me many games in sealed deck at prerelease
Posted By: Tokosan (7/13/2010 6:12:23 AM)


Great card. Even better on Phage the Untouchable or Platinum Angel.
Posted By: Dizraeli (3/14/2011 3:35:06 PM)


They didn't reprint this in M12? WHAT GIVES?!?!
Posted By: Dragonmaster3.0 (7/19/2011 10:29:13 AM)


justicarphaeton if you think they are about the same go for Whispersilk Cloak because it coasts 10 cents and lightning Greaves coasts 4 dolors.
Posted By: dragonking987 (3/19/2011 12:32:54 PM)


@Terris00 - "If I equip Whispersilk Cloak to a creature with an Aura, then does the Aura fizzle?"

Nope! The Aura only targets the creature as it is entering the battlefield. Once it resolves, it attaches to the creature-- there is no more targeting going on.

Now, if you tried to cast an Aura enchanting a creature already equipped with Whispersilk Cloak, then that would fizzle. But if you've got a creature already enchanted with Spider Umbra and you equip it with Whispersilk Cloak, nothing funny happens-- the creature is both equipped and enchanted.
Posted By: SpencerDub (5/9/2011 2:57:51 AM)


This on Phyrexian Swarmlord= Insect overrun.
Posted By: Naast (5/17/2011 9:35:08 PM)


Whispersilk Cloak + Phage the Untouchable, Whispersilk Cloak + Platinum Angel, Whispersilk Cloak + Ali from Cairo...oh, just make sure to have Whispersilk Cloak + Darksteel Forge!
Posted By: MetalSky (6/7/2011 8:31:44 PM)