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I was thinking about this card as well. It has the potential for gaining you card advantage, which is always good. However, that potential is rather marginal. If you think about it from this point of view: you draw this below average card and trade it for your opponent's worst card. That's hardly exciting and I think there are better options available, like Inquisition of Kozilek.

The only real reason to include this card in my opinion is if you have a really focused discarding deck and you use Liliana's Caress to make your opponent lose life and even then you need to have the card slots available.
Posted By: HanZzz (9/27/2010 3:13:06 PM)


The only time this is really that useful is if you're certain all your opponent has in their hand is lands. Otherwise, it's 2 mana to make your opponents discard one of their choice, which is far from good.
Posted By: raptorjesus69 (9/24/2010 9:20:30 AM)


Reprint wrench mind please.
Posted By: comunique (11/3/2010 12:05:12 PM)


Nah, it's just another "you lose as much as opponent plus mana" black spell. And it's sorcery.
Posted By: Gavrilo (9/28/2010 5:03:18 AM)


If you pull multiples of these in limited, like 3 or so, it's good. How many times are they going to have a nonland card in their hand to discard every time you play one? It's practically removal.

Outside of limited, Inquisition of Kozilek/Duress is quite a bit better.
Posted By: SolidSoldier (9/30/2010 10:55:00 PM)


It's really better late-game against someone who draws lot of cards. Late-game, we usually have ennough lands on play, so when something makes you discard, you'll usually prefer to discard a land. With this card, you choose to either discard a useless land and give the opponent the opportunity to make you discard again, or to discard a spell that might be important.
Posted By: Daikoru (10/1/2010 1:17:21 PM)


Agree with Daikoru, and I think the card is also better in some aspects than Duress and Inquisition of Kozilek because it is unconditional discard. There are just times when you will play either of the above and find no legal targets in the opponent's hand - now you are down a card AND mana, with nothing to show for it. With this, you are guarantee to get something, with a chance for generating CA which discard could really use.

The ideal scenario is you play Inquisition (early game) or Duress (late game) for a peek at your opponent's hand, then play Miasma if you see a good opportunity - either a choice card out, or a land and the chance to try again :)

Now that Scepter of Fugue is leaving standard, this could be the repeatable discard that ensures a fat Guul Draz Specter going INTO the attack phase.

All in all, discard didn't get a heck of a lot in Scars, but what they did ge... (see all)
Posted By: gelleetin (10/1/2010 4:14:21 PM)


neat idea. WotC should come back to this in a cycle - R damage to a creature, if the creature was dealt damage this turn, return to hand. U - countering a spell, if it was an instant etc.
Posted By: Mightyass (10/12/2010 2:33:13 PM)


Despite its small mana cost, this is most useful later on when you can take out key threats rather than just lands like most discard spells.
Posted By: SleetFox (10/27/2010 9:55:31 AM)


For those of you saying this is good late game, wouldn't Mire's Toll be better? Late game you're going to have plenty of swamps out to let you see their entire hand, it only costs 1 black, and you get to choose what they discard.
Posted By: JayDeeCW (12/3/2010 11:01:59 AM)


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