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Love the new flavour text.
Posted By: RPGsr4me (7/18/2010 12:20:29 PM)


On constructed: If past formats are any indication, this card doesn't see play. Too expensive for what it does.
On limited: In limited, however, four mana is a small price to pay for such card advantage. Return a bomb or just a solid creature to help you win attrition wars. When you combine this with the fact that Black's aggro creatures are often dying due to having been blocked, and just need replacements to start smashing face, this card has no end of attractive options. Very high pick.
Posted By: Selez (8/19/2010 11:30:51 PM)


Posted By: ClockworkSwordfish (10/27/2010 5:32:19 PM)


I'd love to run this guy in any of my zombie decks, but for 3Black I just can't do it. He's way too expensive.

After this guy rotates out, please give us a zombie like this.

-CC should be 2Black
-2/2 p/t
-Same raise dead effect

And strictly for the flavor...

-Unearth for 1Black

Posted By: Hayw00d0909 (2/3/2011 11:44:21 AM)


When I first played and saw this card I thought its effect was amazing now its just sort of ehh ok
Posted By: Josh4567 (7/17/2010 2:46:01 PM)


To bad they didn't replace him with cadaver imp :/
Posted By: Tommy9898 (7/8/2010 11:27:13 PM)


Well. Basically a creature with a sort of "draw a card". Since I don't like the inbalance with green or white, I don't see a reason, why they get a 2/2 with enchantment destruction for cmc2 and black still get's this as a cmc4 card.
Posted By: Cheza (8/9/2010 11:48:30 AM)


good art bad casting cost
Posted By: vadaaaa (7/15/2010 5:11:58 AM)


I'd rather play Grave Scrabbler
Posted By: Paleopaladin (9/8/2010 12:46:41 AM)


I call him Infinite Meat Shield Man. He's not good for much else besides getting back Arc Runner.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (3/22/2011 12:36:21 PM)