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He had nine Eldrazi spawn, he was almost ready to cast one of the Big Three. I had the Essence Scatter in hand, and I was ready to cackle with glee. He taps five, and plays....

Coat of Arms?

...aw crap.
Posted By: Exuberance (6/21/2010 11:12:27 PM)


makes any tribal deck viable. Even the most ridiculous one you can think of.
Posted By: luca_barelli (6/19/2011 4:18:36 PM)


I could talk of all the cool interactions this has but, it generally ends the game the turn you play it. Great finisher.


@Faptologist If you have 10 elves on the battlefield they all get +9/+9 because the pump does not count the creature itself.
Posted By: Ligerman30 (4/2/2013 6:18:11 PM)


I think it's hard to compare Sliver Legion to Coat of Arms. They are quite similar, but too different to say they're the same. To aid us, I made a Pros/Cons list:

- Sliver Legion is a Sliver itself, which can benefit from Sliver bonuses.
- It benefits from it's own ability and improves it, making it at least +1/+1 more effective than CoA.
- It can be played as an EDH general.
- It can be Tutor'ed with Sliver Overlord and/or Homing Sliver.
- Sliver Legion helps only Slivers. CoA can assist your opponent, if they are playing a tribal deck themselves.

- Coat of Arms is colourless, which makes it much easier to cast. Sliver Legion is very difficult to cast (WhiteBlueBlackRedGreen can be harder to get than 7GreenGreen, depending on the situation).
- Artifacts are harder to get rid of than Creatures, making CoA more resilient.
- CoA can be later played in any other Tribal EDH deck, especially since it has no colour identity. Sliver Legion ... (see all)
Posted By: Ferlord (7/24/2013 11:13:32 AM)


To those saying this card doesn't work if your opponent uses something like Peacemaker or a board wipe: well, duh. It'd be pretty unfair and not at all fun if there was no way to get around this card. It's also why I keep instants and quick draws in my library and sideboard. ;)

This is probably best known as part of any strong elf deck, and that's usually how I use it. Yes, if your opponent has a tribal deck, it came come back to bite you in the arse. But the thing about an elf deck is that it's stupidly easy to spam the field with elf creatures. Use Elvish Piper to drop expensive creatures for 1 Forest, two or three Imperious Perfect and Elvish Promenade cards to add elf tokens to the field, and maybe Elvish Archdruid to give them all +1/+1 and make them a bottomless mana source. Your opponent may have 9 or 10 spirit/goblin/faerie/whatever cards, but if they haven't been spamming?... (see all)
Posted By: ReneesAnatomy (9/2/2013 12:50:33 PM)


Yeah, the one you're talking about is Sliver Legion, Karthwine. It's much harder to cast and your opponent will find more ways for removal, yet since it's a Sliver-exclusive Coat of Arms it would have suited nicer into the deck kind of.
Yet since the deck already had Sliver Overlord taking the Mythic Rare slot that didn't work out.
Posted By: Mode (11/28/2009 4:54:34 AM)


3 words: Goblin. Air. Force.
No other deck deserves to use this :P
Posted By: izzet_guild_mage (6/9/2010 3:04:51 PM)


Best flavor text ever! In the history of mtg!!!
Posted By: Undeadzombiee (8/8/2011 4:28:57 PM)


Play Dragon Fodder twice with this and you get 4 4/4 creatures for only 4 mana cost!
Posted By: StrikeLancer (11/21/2009 3:09:06 AM)


People vastly overestimate this card...

You're playing a goblin deck, you run into a thopter deck. Oops.

You're playing a thopter deck, you run into a saproling deck. Oops.

You're playing any of the above. You run into a Peacekeeper and lose because you banked everything on attacking.
Posted By: OpenSeasonNoobs (3/5/2010 5:37:29 PM)


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