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Erik's Random card 6/30/2011

The design file had Wind Drake. Why the switch?

The set released before Magic 2011 was Rise of the Eldrazi. RoE had a very epic scale.
While usually a core set is a bit slower than an expert set, it wasn't practical to aim for slower than RoE, so I decided we should aim for a faster set. I told the team I thought we could make the best drafting core set so far, and made that a goal from the beginning. I wanted to raise the bar on how well a core set could draft.

We upgraded a white three mana creature to Wild Griffin, and replaced Wind Drake with Cloud Elemental. We try not to have too many pairs like Wild Griffin and Wind Drake in the same set, but each was a change in the desired direction. Cloud Elemental is overall more aggressive than Wind Drake since it has a blocking restriction. This helped keep the pace up.

Another factor was Scroll Thief. I always enjoyed this type of card (OK, maybe not the time Brian Kibler used it to great effect de... (see all)
Posted By: ErikLauer (7/1/2011 12:21:50 AM)


1.8?? are you serious? must be nobody's ever drafted m11
Posted By: krockgreen (8/24/2010 10:12:17 PM)


Better than Wind Drake for most Limited purposes, and the Drake was already pretty efficient. I'd run it in a draft, no question. Obviously not great for Constructed, though.
Posted By: yesnomu (7/10/2010 11:54:58 AM)


definitely a solid draft card. Solid body, evasive, splashable creature is awesome.
Posted By: Nickkom (9/3/2010 9:31:30 PM)


gotta love the flavor of the "high flyer" though. :)

perfect example of one.
Posted By: uberwolf (11/11/2010 10:39:20 AM)


This was one, if not THE best, creature at the common slot in M11 limited. Such a beater for just 3 mana. This card, Azure Drake, and Cloud Crusader were the reason UW Flyers was such a powerful archetype in M11 limited.
Posted By: Troutz (2/9/2011 8:27:58 PM)


This art is cool. The clouds face just looks weird.
Posted By: roqbthepirate (7/9/2010 11:43:52 AM)


Boring reprint, bad art.
Posted By: Giant_Caterpillar (7/8/2010 7:33:39 PM)


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