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I can understand A0602's sentiment. He obviously plays with a tightly-knit group of casual players (not that there's anything wrong with that). When one of them main-decks a card like this because he knows what colors the others often play, it's rather cheap.
Posted By: Vinifera7 (7/9/2010 6:02:03 PM)


What's deal with white getting these instant speed turbo vindicates, while red gets uncounterable creature removal that can't even kill the relevant creatures?
Posted By: Zenzei (10/27/2010 1:58:37 PM)


Has nobody heard of a side board?
Posted By: StreamHopper (7/19/2010 9:36:38 AM)


This thing gets new flavortext every reprinting. A solid sideboard card; very versatile against the right decks.
Posted By: Auteur (8/24/2010 4:07:57 PM)


I'm not a particular fan of spells that only target specific colors. In my group of friends, using one of these spells (Flashfreeze, Deathmark,Celestial Purge) is paramount to treason.
Posted By: A0602 (7/8/2010 5:41:43 PM)


One of the best side board cards ever ;) (at least for white) and great flavor too!! I love it
Posted By: KyoDarkFire (9/24/2010 11:09:52 PM)


@A0602 Why, because they get targeted by them? This card is great against Jund.
Posted By: CEman (7/9/2010 7:01:40 AM)


Falos: Iona's Judgment is overcosted. Unmake or Path to Exile are better comparisons, and while they're narrower, they're much more comparable in price. Comparatively, C. Purge isn't tearing up Standard.

Certainly not bad in the sideboard, though. About as useful as the other hosers, although Autumn's Veil is probably the lame duck of the group.

Cheza: I'd expect something that'll stop walkers in Scars.
Posted By: yesnomu (8/22/2010 6:00:49 PM)


I hate these things. They're too good. Well, Path to Exile was just plain stupid, but still. I hate getting my Raging Ravine exiled. Since when is {W} supposed to have land removal!?
Posted By: DacenOctavio (2/8/2011 1:10:59 AM)


Autumn's Veil (green) - A defensive counterspell (Hindering Light) when Vines of Vastwood is almost as good.
Combust (red) - Deathmark always works for 1‚ this USUALLY works for 2.
Deathmark (black) - A one mana mono-Terminate.
Flashfreeze (blue) - Hard Cancel for U less.
Celestial Purge (white) - Strictly better than Iona's Judgement.

D.Counter = 1 or 2
Soft Removal = 2
Removal = 3
Counter = 2 or 3
Exile = 5 or 6

The message is clear: "BUY MORE WALLETSLAYER DVDS"
Posted By: Falos (7/24/2010 4:42:07 AM)