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This and Prison Term are both nice in EDH for tieing down someone's general.
Posted By: Mudbutt_on (11/27/2010 12:19:30 AM)


And I also noticed that people are saying, "Well, ever since Oblivion Ring..." . Well let me tell you something, Arrest was around long before Lorwyn was ever thought of and still proves to be a very nice card. Especially for those players that have to build on budgets.

This doesn't change the fact that arrest is simply not good enough anymore. It was fine in mirrodin, but ever since kamigawa the power level of the cards has steadily increased.

This card is great in limited, but in standard it's just not good enough. I don't want to spend 3 mana for a sorcery speed creature-only removal card that isn't even permanent, since arrest can be removed, and it still doesn't stop triggered abilities. Journey to nowhere is almost strictly better (JtN will trigger etb effects if it gets removed)

And really, oblivion ring is not expensive. It's a common, it should be no more than 5 bucks for a playset.
Posted By: mdakw576 (2/19/2012 9:38:42 PM)


I love that we've returned to Mirrodin, and they're still using some of the same old spells. It makes perfect sense.
Posted By: ZEvilMustache (9/23/2010 6:57:40 PM)


This feels just about right to me. ORing and Journey both were over the top. Was white ever supposed to have most efficient friggin' removal in whole friggin' game? And without good ol' "attacking" and "opponent gets something in return" drawbacks?
Posted By: Gavrilo (9/28/2010 1:46:06 AM)


I like the art, but the old flavour text was killer.
Posted By: NecroticNobody (9/23/2010 5:38:08 PM)


Once J2N leaves standard. You will use this. I know you will. white weenie lovers...that sounds gross.
Posted By: Eldraziking187 (10/29/2010 2:43:19 PM)


This is the best card I can think of to make my opponent not ACTIVATE their abilities and gain control of my creature, burn me or my creature, stop a big creature from attacking or blocking, or just using any ACTIVATED ability. This this card stops almost every creature with any ABILITY that requires ACTIVATION. Captivating Vampire got you glum? Then Arrest it. Vampire Hexmage got you scared to play Planeswalkers? ARREST IT! Deathless Angel ticking you off? Arrest it! I hate level up creatures with too good of abilities... so I Arrest them.

This card is good but seems like most people don't like it for some stupid reason. This is one of those cards that can be used with almost all white decks. I use two of them in my W/U control deck.

Since there are so many powerful creatures out there now, Arrest is just another card to stop them.

And I also noticed that people are saying, "Well, ever since Oblivion Ring..." . Well let me tell you something, Arrest was around long before Lorwyn w... (see all)
Posted By: Teakon (11/5/2010 8:21:27 AM)


For when Pacifism just isn't good enough.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (12/8/2010 5:15:15 PM)


Well, unlike Journey to Nowhere, this still doesn't cover the beast's smell.
Posted By: Gabriel422 (5/23/2011 9:50:34 PM)


Loving the new art, but I'd rather have a number of other similar enchants (pacifism, prison term, oblivion ring, journey to nowhere)
Posted By: zarakstan (9/23/2010 4:50:52 PM)


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