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Awesome, time to get out the ol' Cloudposts. Mirrodin is back!
Posted By: Chrome_Coyote (9/24/2010 3:02:36 PM)


support card for cloudpost and the life is pretty sweet , hope they bring out more 'loci' so they will replace the urzatron .
Posted By: Mindbend (9/24/2010 1:41:59 AM)


Playing 4 copies of this, 4 copies of Cloudpost and 4 copies of Vesuva nets you an absurd amount of mana and life. I've always been a fan of Cloudpost, but the "enters the battlefield tapped" thing can really be a hazzle when your opponent is ramming you with early creatures. Glimmerpost is a great help there, because it can give you additional time to set up your mana before you start throwing expensive things at your opponents.
I could very well see Cloudpost, Glimmerpost and Vesuva working alongside Eldrazi Temple and Eye of Ugin to provide a solid mana base for Eldrazi decks in casual the casual environment.
Posted By: GrimjawxRULES (9/30/2010 2:40:25 PM)


I don't understand how anyone can think this is a bad card. Even without cloudpost, this thing snatches one life when it enters the field, and another two life if you play another. With all the artifacts flying around, unless your playing control or green, this thing is as good as colored mana. I put four in every standard deck unless they absolutely can't fit - It's only happened in tri-color control decks, none which work anyways.

Oh, you expect a functional reprint of cloudpost, didn't you? That would be too much.

Also, crop rotation for instant life gain.
Posted By: thisisnotmyname (4/3/2011 12:01:11 AM)


Lifegain with these and cloudpost is pretty darn nice. Gaining 4-6 life for dropping a land really changes games. My deck that uses Amulet of Vigor + Izzet Boilerworks to bounce one of these guys out to gain more life.

Use Expedition Map to speed out the Loci. Amulet of Vigor makes it free fast ;-)
Posted By: SeiberTross (4/19/2011 11:56:24 AM)


Yeah, playing all 4 gains you a total of 10 life... maybe not great in a Limited environment with poison counters flying all over the place, but certainly good for a land that doesn't even come into play tapped.

Not to mention mono-gray has Urza-tron, Cloudposts, and now Glimmerposts for its complete mana base.
Posted By: StaberFire (9/27/2010 3:34:37 PM)


I'm pretty sure its interaction with Cloudpost is the only reason this card is rated as high as it is.

This card, on its own, is pretty bad.
Posted By: MrQuizzles (11/2/2010 4:43:06 PM)


Who other then me thought it was gona be more broken the Cloudpost
Posted By: 1919 (9/23/2010 5:35:45 PM)


It is amazing how much life gain advantage you can achieve with this. People who rate this less than a 5 most likely haven't seen it in action. At bare minimum you get a colorless land untapped and 1 life. Most of the time you'll be netting 3+ life out of these AND adding fuel to your cloudposts!

Just compare it to Kabira Crossroads.

Strictly 5/5
Posted By: dberry02 (7/2/2011 1:05:58 PM)


Well, it's...

Posted By: DonRoyale (9/23/2010 11:15:08 PM)


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