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@Ragnariko; A black lotus is meant to be sacrificed. Sometimes even for green mana.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (12/15/2010 10:05:42 PM)


You would trade a black lotus for 1000 saproling tokens?
Posted By: Ragnarokio (8/15/2010 11:36:34 PM)


Well my favorite deck is my GB Fungus deck.
I looked up the art once for all saprolings since I joined in Alara I used the bad looking ones, they look like babies, honestly reminds me of infants, and when I saw this I exclaimed. I signed in just to say easily better then Storm Crow even if it can't block him :p. THIS ART ROCKS EVERYONE ELSE! I'd give it a 10/5 if I could, and it rules theres no limit to how many I can have on the field!
Also it rules because it looks like the Ing from Metroid Prime 2 Echos, I love swarming with this guy. Honestly I would trade a Black Lotus (I hate that I have three mana stuff its so cool blah blah blah) for 1000 of these (not 1 for 1 though that's just idiotic)
Posted By: ICEFANG13 (4/2/2010 2:39:35 AM)


I know I've seen this art before...
Posted By: brunsbr103 (4/1/2010 7:26:52 PM)


Yeah I've seen this before too, as part of a bigger art in another card I think. Can't place which and searching by saproling and by artist doesn't help.
Posted By: Vedalken_Arbiter (4/29/2010 3:48:10 PM)


they should recycle some of the old thallid art from fallen empires for these tokens
Posted By: DlCK (6/21/2011 7:44:40 PM)


Fun fact:
The artist, Warren Mahy, worked for WETA workshop as a conceptual artist during the creation of the LOTR trilogy and specialized in the creation of the evil creatures.
Posted By: ApotheosisCM (1/18/2012 12:41:16 PM)


To be honest, I always imagined Saprolings to be these cute little mushroom thingies
Posted By: LolingSpree (3/17/2013 6:41:01 PM)


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