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Obviously people rating here dont play much limited... easy 4/5,
Posted By: Mightyass (10/12/2010 2:34:05 PM)


In SOM limited there will be a lot of equipment, so this should be good.
Posted By: dudecow (9/23/2010 5:43:23 PM)


Yeah. Will probably see some play in limited. Other than that though this poor little spidey isn't even gonna make sideboards, which is a shame; I love his creepy body.
Posted By: Wraique (9/23/2010 7:45:25 PM)


Nice art though.
Posted By: LarsBM (10/3/2010 1:49:07 AM)


On constructed: Too expensive.
On limited: You can't really pick this guy early in an artifact block, as there will almost always be colorless good stuff, but if you're going green you could pick this as early as fourth pick.
Posted By: Selez (10/16/2010 4:21:17 PM)


First of all, it's a spider, so it's awesome sauce.
I didn't think much of this card beyond that, until I went up against one in limited.
It not only has reach, but a really big butt.
It lingers just out of a reach of Grasp of Darkness, and has a nice little come into play ability! Great in limited, good in casual, terrible in constructed. It has it's uses, and that's all we could ask for right?

Posted By: StreamHopper (11/21/2010 11:21:14 PM)


This became much better now with Living weapon in besieged.
I give it a good 4 stars now and previously only a 2.5
Posted By: Winterhawk200 (2/3/2011 4:01:11 PM)


@Ishubarashl: In real life, "found" copper is copper people "find" (read: steal) from abandoned construction sites, unused train tracks, broken down cars, and other places where it's unlikely to be missed.
As for the actual card, he seems pretty solid in Limited. He might've even seen some Constructed sideboards if his ETB trigger hit artifact creatures and equipment. He'd be powerful, but he wouldn't be OP since a lot of the popular artifacts, such as Contagion Clasp and Tumble Magnet, are neither of those subtypes. Despite that, he's still a 3/5 with reach for 5 (slightly heavily colored) CC. Even without his trigger, I wouldn't feel bad about picking him fifth or sixth in Limited if I knew I was playing Green by then. 3.5/5
Posted By: WhereDidItGo (12/28/2011 9:17:02 AM)


@Lash_of_Dragonbreath Actually, I play spiders in constructed. They're a fun and underused tribe that fit well into a patient control strategy (block, block, block, block, swing) and they've actually beaten Zoo decks. That said, the Acid Web Spider is a poor choice when there are so many other options: Deadly Recluse, Penumbra Spider, Blightwidow, Arachnus Spinner, Arachnus Web, Spider Spawning, and the almighty Swarmyard are all auto-includes. Arena is a nasty trick to use with deathtouchers and infecters. Add Adaptive Automaton, Door of Destinies, and Cavern of Souls for tribe-specific support, Triumph of the Hordes as a win condition, and have fun!
Posted By: Trygon_Predator (5/1/2012 8:41:30 AM)


Oh come on Wizards... Couldn't you have at least made it 3/6?

Well... look on the bright side... If you run into someone using Argentum Armor or some douche spamming the Jitte in casual, you essentially punch them in the face.
Posted By: NARFNra (1/1/2011 8:54:04 AM)


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