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Obviously worse than the classics, but viable in any metagame where the first turns are critical, which is almost every single one. Be careful when used with M11 Duals, or there will be awkwardness.
Posted By: RikerBlake (11/20/2011 8:06:25 PM)


Sum (Turn 1, Turn 2, Turn 3) > Sum (Turn 4, Turn 5, ... )

Ergo, Razorverge Thicket > Sunpetal Grove.
Posted By: JimmyCricket2 (6/5/2012 2:18:54 AM)


A less confusing way of reading it might be: "If you control two or less other lands, Razorverge Thicket enters the battlefield untapped. Otherwise, it comes into play tapped." An even easier way to read it would be: "This land is useful on your first three turns, then not so much." I like the second one because it's the clearest. To compare it to the cla-ssic dual lands actually makes sense considering many games are won and lost by what occurs during the first few turns.
Posted By: Eternal_Blue (9/26/2010 3:41:26 AM)


I seem to have a knack for pulling green/white dual lands. I've pulled 4 now - a sunpetal grove, two stirring wildwoods, and one of these. If only I could trade them for blue/white duals...
Posted By: LordAlvon (9/30/2010 5:51:03 PM)


only thing I don't like is that there isn't a red/white mana with this type of ability DX
Oh well, I'll use a different red/white for my Mirrodin Pure deck
Posted By: TrueBloodWolf (7/7/2011 1:44:21 PM)


@Eternal_Blue: Except in Standard. Notice that most of the Top 8 decks run as many dual lands as possible, regardless of the ETB Tapped clause. Sure, its awesome if they don't, but just because they don't hit the ground open doesn't mean they're useless.

Early game, they're strictly better than the Core set duals, since they don't have the prerequisite of another land type being in play. W/G isn't all aggro, so I think they have a place in the late game too, if you're playing a midrange - long term deck. 4/5 for versatility and utility.
Posted By: ZestuXIII (8/12/2011 7:17:07 AM)


At least this cycle doesn't look overpowered. It's just another money sink, on par with modern power level.
Posted By: Gavrilo (9/29/2010 2:20:05 AM)


UW - Seachrome Coast
WG - Razorverge Thicket
GR - Copperline Gorge
RB - Blackcleave Cliffs
BU - Darkslick Shores

Enemy colored versions of this cycle do not currently exist.
Posted By: iUseBreakOpen (2/24/2014 3:59:01 PM)


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