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What makes it truly incredible is that Raging Goblin was also in the starter set... at Common! Did someone have a brainfart when they chose to make this rare? Or even in the set?
Posted By: Malnourished_Student (4/20/2010 3:12:57 AM)


cast berserk on it 4 times. Thats 16 damage for only 5 mana.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (7/11/2010 10:50:15 AM)


The rarity is obviously to troll new players. "Armageddon... Armageddon... please let it be Armageddon... ARGH DAMMIT!"
Posted By: chinkeeyong (7/3/2011 1:44:27 AM)


Curtain of Light.
It would've been too powerful if it couldn't!
Posted By: FatalEagle (12/11/2012 2:07:26 PM)


Also, this card cant be blocked by instants! How powerful!
Posted By: Gahoojin (1/20/2011 7:40:20 PM)


The true power of this card is in its ability to be placed in the graveyard after it is destroyed OR after it has its toughness reach 0. This opens up a world of possibilities, especially for red/black decks. Plus, it has no rules text and no special abilities, which in turn can't be used to its disadvantage by manipulative blue spells.

Also, think about it... you're paying for one power AND toughness, which is a bargain at any mana cost.

Amazing card with lots of utility and potential.

Posted By: Ladnarud (4/24/2010 1:39:24 AM)


Rarity is a misprint, fellas.

Posted By: ivorythunder (5/4/2010 7:10:46 PM)


So... why is this rare?
Posted By: PEVE_O (6/30/2009 9:43:51 AM)


It seems a little under handed that in every other edition this is a common and in the editon marketed to begginers they made it a rare. It seems like they where trying to make new players spend more money for below average cards.
Posted By: Silverware (8/21/2009 11:39:55 PM)


i found tha tone of my friends had this card and i was wondering one thing....why the heck is this rare?!?!
Posted By: FugimSky (8/6/2009 3:40:39 PM)