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Yes, he may be a red Scathe Zombies, but he's a RARE red Scathe Zombies.
Posted By: Kirbster (8/13/2010 10:25:06 AM)


Watch out Pearled Unicorn!
Posted By: Keino (12/21/2009 6:22:53 PM)


Guys stop your hating. Can't you see that the rareness is there purely flavourfully representing the scarcity of heroic goblins.
Posted By: Wormfang (4/10/2011 2:43:08 AM)


Pearled Unicorn is not impressed...
Posted By: Pearled_Unicorn (7/19/2011 3:13:06 PM)


I own two of these. Needless to say, my friends refuse to play my R/B deck (I splash black for Chimney Imp).
Posted By: Ichorix (1/29/2010 7:18:29 PM)


Rage Forger would like to have a word with the Goblin hero about rarity.
Posted By: Ritius (1/20/2010 10:12:15 PM)


Two generic mana for a 2/2 creature, and one extra red mana for the generous privilege of being a 'Goblin'-type creature. Having no rules text or special abilities also makes him a very clever, underestimated threat to opponents, allowing him to deal damage unhindered.

Also, being a creature of the 'Goblin' subtype allows him to untap for FREE during his controller's untap step.

Very powerful and underestimated card.

Posted By: Ladnarud (4/24/2010 1:54:48 AM)


BEST rare ever. I think I might splash red in my deck just so I can play him.
Posted By: Silverware (11/21/2009 5:15:22 PM)


I hear he is friends with Starter 99's Mons's Goblin Raiders.
Posted By: John-Bender (4/10/2010 5:52:59 PM)


Posted By: UNBAN_SHAHRAZAD (8/12/2009 6:22:48 PM)